How to make the Tenfold UI auto start with Windows/Mac

How to make the Tenfold UI auto start with Windows/Mac?

Updated: 10/9/2019

Overview: This article provides a quick summary of how we can make Tenfold UI auto start with Windows/Mac.

Need to add the app in Start-Up folder

Step 1-> Copy the Icon of the Tenfold UI from the desired location of your system.


Step 2-> Add the Icon of the app in the StartUp folder of the computer by following the desired path (C Drive-> User-> User Name-> App Data (need to unhide the folder)-> Roaming-> Microsoft-> Windows-> Start Menu-> Programs-> StartUp folder)

When you restart the system then you will see Tenfold UI get start automatically.


Tenfold UI autostart in Mac

Step 1: Open System Preferences.

Step 2: Click Users & Groups.

Step 3: Click Login Items. At the bottom left corner of the window, click on the lock icon and enter your admin password.

Step 4: Click the ‘+‘ sign and find the Application that you wish to auto-start via the Finder interface. You probably want to open the /Application folder to do so. You can select multiple items by holding down the ⌘ key while selecting each item.

Step 5: Once your desired items are selected, click the Add button.

Verify the presence of the apps that you just added to the list, and reboot or log out of macOS and log back in. Once you do, you should see the apps that you added automatically launch.