Do these 3 Things before a Sales Call

Do these 3 Things before a Sales Call

Do these 3 Things before a Sales Call Think before you pick up

Use these sales call tips to save time and close a higher percentage of deals.

Sales call tip #1 – Are you set up to succeed?

Is your desk cleared of clutter? Have you closed all the social media programs on your computer? Do you have a fresh notepad?

Sure, it’s important to be able to work from anywhere – but not all work is equal. A well prepared workspace clears your mind to be able to focus on what’s important – the prospect.

If you work from home, consider finding a dedicated space in which to make calls and send emails. If you work in a busy office, close your door if you have one. If you don’t, make sure your coworkers know to leave you alone when you’re on the phone.

Sales call tip #2 – Are your leads qualified?

Before you spend time with a prospect, ask yourself if they’re a prospect to begin with. In other words: have you (or your qualification department) qualified your leads?

Here are things you need to consider for qualification.

  • Does the prospect have enough budget for your product?
  • Does the prospect have any pre-existing relationship with your company?
  • Has the prospect expressed interest in working with you?
  • How did the prospect end up on your list?
  • Do you share any personal or professional connections with the prospect?
  • Is the prospect actually a good fit for your product?
  • Can the prospect actually make a purchase decision? Or is there someone else you should try to bring into the conversation?

Sales call tip #3 – Is the time right?

We mean time in a literal sense. What timezone are they in? What industry are they in?

You don’t want to call a restaurant owner in the middle of a lunch rush. If you’re selling a sales tool you’ll want to avoid calling around month-end.

Make sure you’re calling the prospect at a time that makes sense. With email you can be a little more flexible. Programs like Boomerang allow you to schedule the email to show up whenever you want.

These 3 sales call tips will make a noticeable difference on your next sales call.

Good luck!

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