Is your sales team engaged, accountable and productive as work shifts remote? How Tenfold & Salesforce High Velocity Sales can make sure you don’t miss a beat

There’s no doubt that the current widespread pandemic is having broad reaching effects on the way that companies do business.  One of the largest impacts we are seeing is that driven by the shift towards remote work to slow the spread of COVID-19. As inside sales teams move to work from home and field sales teams shift their approach from face-to-face meetings to remote conversations, many sales leaders and organizations are struggling to maintain engagement and productivity or at a minimum, visibility, as we operate in a new normal.  

How can Salesforce High Velocity Sales and Tenfold Advanced CTI help? 

In the past, it was easy for sales leaders to physically see the activity their teams were putting in on the sales floor and coach them face-to-face on approach both generally and for specific deals.  Previously companies built sales models that did not account for the impact that a global pandemic would have both on top-of-funnel demand and on deal conversion as prospects re-prioritize projects and investments and reduce or halt capital expenditures in light of the major financial impacts already recognized and the continued uncertainty in the market.

Salesforce High Velocity Sales & Tenfold are helping sales teams stay effective and sales leaders maintain visibility, despite all of the changes that come with work from home, in 3 key ways.

  1. Ensuring Sales Teams are able to quickly adapt their approach— Salesforce High Velocity Sales allows sales leaders and sales operations managers to prescribe the right approach and contextual next steps to sales reps using intelligent sales cadences with branching.  For many sales teams, a new approach is needed in these times — one that focuses on empathy and understanding and quite possibly positions an entirely new offer to prospective customers that better fits the current situation (i.e. free licensing for certain industries, a move to pilots and trials, a focus on expansion of the install base vs net-new business, etc.).  Sales cadences allow leaders to redefine their sales approach and quickly (and remotely) get this out to their entire sales organization so they can quickly adapt to the right sales motion.
  2. Automating data capture to make reps more productive while ensuring leadership has the full visibility they need to run their sales organization  — Tenfold advanced CTI for Salesforce High Velocity Sales automatically captures all customer and prospect conversation data in Salesforce without relying on time-consuming manual data capture by your reps.  Furthermore, Tenfold automates many steps in every interaction such as relating calls to opportunities, creating new opportunities, capturing notes, next steps and moving prospects through different stages of a sales cadence.  All of this allows reps to focus on what they do best — serving your customers — while leaders have the data they need to measure activity and the effectiveness of different activities across their team and across segments of leads or stages of their sales funnel.
  3. Allowing you to maximize your investment in corporate technologies despite the shift to remote work environments  — Tenfold natively integrantes with more than 100 cloud and on-premise voice platforms seamlessly including Cisco, Avaya, Genesys, Mitel, Skype for Business, RingCentral, NICE InContact and many others allowing for companies to continue to leverage their existing communications technology albeit in a remote location.  This dramatically helps with business continuity and enterprise-wide reporting without the need to go through a high-risk and high-cost migration process simply to keep operations running smoothly.

How can you learn more about these solutions to see if they would be a good fit for your team? 

Simply reach out to your Salesforce account executive or customer success manager to get an overview of Salesforce HVS & Tenfold or contact us today at to learn more.

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