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Zoho CRM is a cloud-based CRM with different specialized functions, including managing sales, marketing, and call management applications. Zoho CTI is a call management system that works with Zoho’s CRM that allows sales teams to keep abreast of significant information and developments as they speak with clients. In Zoho’s CTI (its Computer Telephone Integration), companies can directly connect their phone system to their CRM applications, which allows access to a host of information and options as a call center.

Zoho CTI gives sales personnel the infrastructure they need to create a strong service environment for businesses’ clients and customers. It personalizes customer service by letting personnel receive incoming and outgoing call pop-ups, with details including name, account name, call duration and call status. Additionally, with Zoho CTI, businesses are able to use a click to call function from their CRM, avoiding outgoing dialing and making calling more efficient. The CTI provides call recording in a businesses CRM for each call and logs the call for all the details. Finally, Zoho CTI provides desktop call notification, which can alert sales people effectively, and a note function, which allows team members to make any additional annotation to a client’s file.

Moreover, Zoho CTI can function in tandem with Zoho’s larger CRM. Combined with Zoho CRM, Zoho CTI provides a seamless experience of effective phone communication. Together, they can provide prompt reminders to avoid missed calls, single-click dialing for more efficient communications, and personalized customer service. In addition, Zoho CRM also offers automatic call logging and call analytics. With Zoho’s call analytics, businesses are able to measure their teams’ performances and strategize methods of improvement. Zoho can be integrated with many popular call management providers, including Ring Central, Ringio, Twilio, Avaya, Astericks, Elastix, Callinize, Cloudcall, and Knowlarity.

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