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Wayfair Increased Connection Rate by 30% and Doubled Outbound Call Volume Within One Month of Using Tenfold.

Joel Stevenson, VP of Sales at Wayfair

About Multitel

Multitel is a telecom solutions provider. Multitel believe’s that telecom network operators can no longer survive without real time visibility of their infrastructure (power, cooling & back-up). Their team enables... Read more

About Target Recruit

Target Recruit is a leading Ecosystem of cloud-based staffing apps built on the platform. And Tenfold instantly integrates with Target Recruit and allows for full transparency into the insights that matter most to your business. Tenfold also... Read more

About Tenfold

Tenfold is a phone intelligence solution which unifies a user’s phone system and CRM platform; All calls made on your phone will be automatically logged in Target Recruit, allowing them to work together, and streamline the customer experience. Read more

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Capture 100% of your customer interactions

80% of customer engagement data is missing

Running a modern day business is like having a bad set of windshield wipers in a storm, you get 20% visibility into the activity that your team is doing and not enough to really know what is going on. Tenfold installs a new set of windshield wipers that gives you 100% visibility into your business.

Native integration with all communication platforms

Tenfold provides automatic capture of customer interaction data in real-time with minimal change to end user behaviors as well as the flexibility to add/change systems without hidden costs or service fees.

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Multitel Compatibility

Multitel provides SIP accounts which can be used as a single line phone system.  Create a SIP Accounts after purchasing a phone number.  See the support documentation for more.

Note: must be used with Callinize Softphone for Click To Dial capabilities.

Target Recruit Compatibility

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