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About S-Net Comm.

Based in Chicago, S-Net Communications is a provider of voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) services for small and medium-sized businesses. The company was founded in 2006 by IT managers Alex Fayn and Eugene Likhovid. They wanted to provide an alternative solution to telecommunications services on the market at the time. S-Net Communications has more than 15,000 phones deployed on their system and offers private and secure network connections. The company also holds 12,000 licenses on its platform and serves thousands of businesses in Chicago. S-Net Communications also provides services to customers on the west coast. In 2010, the company launched its S-Net Connect program, a desktop application that facilitates conference calls. In 2014, they premiered their mobile app.

S-Net Communications provides a range of telephony products. These include cloud phone systems, where users can make phone calls over the internet and store call data in the cloud. Businesses can customize their phone system — for example, change call forwarding instructions — through a control panel. The company has also developed products for call centers. Businesses can manage call center operations with detailed reports on incoming calls and agent performance. Other services include a fiber internet service, which provides users with high-speed bandwidth and download speeds, and a Unified Communications (UC) application that manages call features. S-Net Communications also offers Salesforce CRM integration. This allows users to manage call data on their desktop, smartphone or tablet. They can place calls with click-to-dial, for example, or monitor the number of inbound calls at particular times of the day.

S-Net Communications has won various accolades. In 2011, the company was recognized by Computerworld as an “Honors Laureate.” This prize is awarded to companies that execute positive social, economic and education change. S-Net Communication’s S-Net Q Box helped them win the award. The product provides businesses with cost-effective cable and DSL.

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