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SmartOffice was developed by Ebix Inc., founded in 1976 in Atlanta, Georgia. The company went public in 1987 and is traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol EBIX. Ebix is headquartered in John’s Creek, Georgia, and led by chairman and CEO Robert Raina. The company has several offices across the USA including Los Angeles, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Miami, Park City, Columbus, Dallas, and Portland. Ebix also has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China, Japan, Canada, and India. Ebix has a global workforce of close to 5000 employees.

SmartOffice, powered by Ebix, is an enterprise services solution for insurance companies and financial advisors. Early this year, SmartOffice partnered with TeamDrive Systems to launch the first enterprise productivity tool with end-to-end encryption. Ebix CRM, earlier known as E-Z Data, provides automated reporting capabilities, and agency management support to boost revenues. SmartOffice’s Agency Management Solution combines the functionalities of a CRM solution with those of an agency management system to help users perform business-critical tasks efficiently. Its intuitive dashboard also calculates commissions and generates client reports on-demand. The highly adaptable solution can be customized to suit the needs of any business.

SmartOffice’s software for financial advisors makes it easy for them to communicate with clients. It enables companies to handle new businesses, oversee operations, and communicate with advisors effectively. It can be effortlessly synced with Outlook Exchange to manage contacts. Its intuitive dashboard helps to track client information as well as other company news and events in one place. The highly secure software comes integrated with Department of Labor Compliance tools. Ebix partners with a host of other companies such as AIG, AXA, Blackberry, Advicent, and American National to deliver pre-built integrations to address different client needs.

In recognition of its role as supplier invested in the growth and development of its partner companies, SmartOffice was conferred the prestigious DSA Partnership Award for 2015-16. SmartOffice’s parent company, Ebix, has also won a range of awards for its contribution to e-Healthcare for the learning tool it built for Allergan.

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