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Founded in 1847 as a telegraph company, Siemens has gone through many transformations in communications. The German conglomerate, which has been public since 1897, established Siemens Communications Systems in 1978 to focus on information and communication technology (ICT). In late 1998, the communications division was refocused on developing Internet-based network technologies. To aid with the development, Siemens acquired American companies Castle Networks Inc and Argon Networks Inc. In 2006, Siemens Communications split into two divisions, one of which merged with Nokia. The other became Siemens Enterprise Communications and aimed to develop end-to-end communications solutions. Seven years later, Siemens Enterprise Communications was re-branded as Unify. In 2015, two years after the re-branding, Unify was purchased by Atos, an IT services company. Although Unify retains its Siemens heritage in its name and technology, the company is no longer affiliated with Siemens.

Unify is focused on unified collaboration and communication software. Circuit, an application released by Unify in 2014, enables business collaboration through a virtual conference room. As an application, Circuit can be installed on any device and works on laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The service also provides content storage with a contextual search. Circuit works in tandem with other Unify services such as OpenScape, an enterprise VoIP solution. OpenScape can support from 100 to 500,000 users with product derivations such as OpenScape UC, OpenScape Enterprise Express and OpenScape 4000. A selection of different desk phones and wireless phones are also sold under the OpenScape name. Unify also has services for contact centers, known as OpenScape Contact Center Agile and Enterprise. These services allow contact centers to route customer inquiries, manage calling records, adjust agent workflow and manage campaign strategies. For those that do not have a physical contact center, there is the OpenScape Cloud Contact Center, which integrates with multiple CRM options.

Although Unify has only been a separate company since 2013, it has already started to collect awards for leadership and excellence. In late 2013, Unify received the Frost and Sullivan Market Leadership Award, which is presented to the company that captures the largest market share within its industry. More recently, a Bulgarian Unify Shared Services Center won the Shared Service Center of the Year Award. To win the award, Unify defeated teams from powerhouses like Coca-Cola, Cargill, and AIG. Unify continues to expand its reach. In early 2017, the U.S. Department of Defense added Unify to its approved products.

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