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Connect your Salesforce High Velocity Sales and LG using Tenfold to automatically track and log every call instantly

LG + Salesforce High Velocity Sales

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About LG

LG PBX creates innovative business communications product is designed for small office/small business customers and powers pure IP communications. Their SBG-1000 virtual PBX system includes features such as auto attendant...
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About Salesforce High Velocity Sales

Built on the Salesforce App Cloud, the new Lightning Experience combines the new Lightning Design System, Lightning App Builder, and Lightning Components to enable anyone to quickly and easily create modern enterprise...
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About Tenfold

Tenfold is a phone intelligence solution which unifies a user’s phone system and CRM platform; All calls made on your phone will be automatically logged in Salesforce High Velocity Sales, allowing them to work together, and streamline the customer experience.

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100% Data Capture

Tenfold automatically captures every interaction and natively integrates with all communication platforms including Salesforce High Velocity Sales

360-Degree View

Tenfold provides immediate transparency across all departments, specific to the current customer state

Ease of Implementation

There is minimal change to end user behavior and as always, no change in existing infrastructure is required with the Tenfold and Salesforce High Velocity Sales integration


With Tenfold, you also have the ability to innovate by leveraging your current tech stack and operate within current security requirements

Capture 100% of your customer interactions

80% of customer engagement data is missing

Running a modern day business is like having a bad set of windshield wipers in a storm, you get 20% visibility into the activity that your team is doing and not enough to really know what is going on. Tenfold installs a new set of windshield wipers that gives you 100% visibility into your business.

Native integration with all communication platforms

Tenfold provides automatic capture of customer interaction data in real-time with minimal change to end user behaviors as well as the flexibility to add/change systems without hidden costs or service fees.

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LG Compatibility

Works with most IPECS models.  Contact us to verify.


Salesforce High Velocity Sales Compatibility

We work with all versions

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