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The forty-year-old software giant Oracle, which specializes in database, ebusiness, and enterprise software, remains the second-largest software company in the world. Its CRM software division was created in 1997, launching its first ebusiness product (Oracle Sales Online) in 1998. Today, Oracle CRM software is divided into different lines, with Siebel 8 running as its on-site, installed software, and Oracle CRM on Demand and Oracle Cloud as the most current SaaS systems.

Oracle Cloud Suite is the most commonly used CRM that Oracle provides, with forms and functionality that work for enterprise-level companies and SMEs alike. More specifically, Oracle Cloud Suite is a cloud-based platform that provides cross-channel experiences between marketing, sales, commerce, social, and service, allowing discrete teams to interact with each other seamlessly from on-site or remote locations. For marketing, Oracle Cloud applications can aggregate data, orchestrate customer experiences across channels, and analyze marketing performance. Its sales platform provides complete mobility, modern selling tools, and real-time data analysis. In its service function, the software has a myriad of ways for customers to access service, including online chat, click to call, and virtual assistants. Finally, its social media allows its users to augment growth through quick and effective customer identification and targeting. Importantly, all of these functionalities are integrated and can be accessed by teams and managerial staff, both remotely and simultaneously.

In a review of the software, PC Magazine notes that its key features are clearly aimed at large enterprises, which allow for expansion and growth without an enlarging physical infrastructure. writes that the crucial successes of Oracle come from its range and flexibility: it can bundle SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services, allowing the company to provide key business features, including “hybrid cloud support, on-premises cloud service and the ability to easily move workloads back-and-forth between the public cloud and a customer’s data center.” Oracle Cloud software packages have won numerous industry awards, including 2015 Hubbies award for best Oracle Marketing cloud, and 2015 CRN Channel Champions award for best CRM software.

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