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Founded in 2000, Jobscience produces staffing and recruitment software that allows users to find, recruit, and staff companies from a streamlined, cloud-based platform. Built for Salesforce, Jobscience combines the mobility and security of the Salesforce platform with software created specifically for the staffing market.

Jobscience offers several crucial attributes that make recruiting and staffings easier and more efficient. PowerSearch makes database searching more effective by letting recruiters search by contact information, skill, employer, or location. The software can further source a potential candidate’s information through a variety of website profiles (including ZipRecruiter, LinkedIn, etc.). Its job boards can create job postings that can be easily integrated into a website, and the CRM gives users various ways for potential clients to apply. Jobscience further packages client profiles into clear, easy to read reports for users to send to their clients.

A candidate’s skills are assessed through the software’s Skills Rating, in which a candidate’s resume is assessed against Jobscience’s skills library. jCards fully classify candidate qualifications and skills so that the client’s particular needs are clearly stated, allowing recruiter and clients to access crucial information easily. Moreover, the jCards create visual profiles of the candidates so that clients can assess and comment directly. Furthermore, Jobscience offers data analysis, so that clients and recruiters can input, share, and manage data about potential candidates, their skill sets, and other factors. Due to Jobscience’s use of Salesforce’s mobile platform, recruiters and clients can simultaneously access information from multiple platforms.

Mark Smith at Ventana Research notes that Jobscience’s emphasis on recruiting over a myriad of platforms allows clients to critically access a wide range of talent: “Jobscience’s integration with LinkedIn addresses the demand that our research found from more than half of organizations to change how they recruit over the next year, and their number one factor is to identify new talent pools.” Capterra identifies Jobscience as the #1 Salesforce job recruitment CRM and a five-year award winner for best recruitment software.

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