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Founded in 1999, Iristel is a Canada’s largest, most rapidly growing voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) carrier, with facilities in all ten Canadian provinces and three territories coast-to-coast. Since its inception, Iristel has grown to include other telecommunication organizations, expanding its regions and services. Recently, for example, Iristel acquired Trutel Inc. in Toronto and the Montreal-based Exelia Inc. In 2016, Iristel joined with NetNumber to enhance wireless partner ICE Wireless in the three territories Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. In addition to increasing its territory, Iristel has expanded its service offering over the past ten years; in 2007, Iristel began offering WiFi-enabled GSM phones, and, in 2008, it began selling wireless IP service nation-wide. Today, Iristel efficiently links IP networks and the public switch telephone network via IP Trunking.

Iristel’s services include several unique divisions: Retail, enterprise, and wholesale divisions. In its wholesale services, the company includes inbound and outbound voice on a VoIP network, with optional local and toll-free numbers; person-to-person SMS texting, extensive local service reach, network scale and routing flexibility. In its residential services (which have both domestic and small commercial applications), Iristel offers phone, internet, and virtual fax through its VoIP network. Its specific business division, which is more broadly dedicated to larger business enterprises, Iristel offers the same services found in its residential division as well as toll-free and international numbers. Furthermore, its business division provides several accessibility services: its IP relay service allows users to communicate via text online using multiple web-capable devices. Using a chat interface and third party operator, the relay service allows more visible conversation than a common TTY window. More broadly, Iristel provides iNum for its business clients, a VoIP international toll-free number that allows for free calling no matter where the call originates. Moreover, Iristel offers widespread business mobility, which allows business lines to function from any location and multiple devices.

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