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After officially launching in 2012, IPitimi has grown organically as a Unified Communications and Professional Services provider. Though based in the United States, the company has a strong presence internationally with two offices overseas. CEO Greg Nielsen leads the company, along with Lori Jenkins, Alan Pourafzal, and TQ Clerigo. With a customer-centric focus, IPitimi boasts world-class customer service and support.

IPitimi provides Voice Over Internet Protocol solutions and services. It provides a range of comprehensive services, most notably: hosted voice services, such as Skype for business, Enhanced Call Center, business IP PBX, and IP trunking services. Trunking allows users to increase efficiency with the most advanced SIP-ready telco systems available. The company also provides equipment purchases, including four-line SIP phones: Polycom HD voice and productivity enhancing applications, IP phones for a variety of business and hospitality needs, and media phones for professionals. Additionally, the company features sophisticated gigabit IP phones for commerce, business, and industry use. Products offered include entry-level systems and executive-style services. IPitimi is a 100 percent SIP and 100 percent software platform, the result being a more flexible and scalable service than its proprietary or semi-proprietary competitors. Due to the organization’s sophisticated platform, custom features are easily integrated and compatible with an abundance of customer media gateways, IP phones, and server hardware.

Despite being a relatively young company, IPitimi has an impressive resume with several awards and recognitions to its name. CIO Review Magazine bestowed the business with inclusion on the 20 ‘Most Promising Call Center Solutions Provider’ award in 2015. Further, Enterprise Networking Magazine acknowledged IPitimi as ‘One of the Top Ten VOIP Providers’ with an award in 2016.

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