Improveit! 360 + Nextiva

Connect Your CRM & Phone in 5 Minutes. Better Calls. More Sales.

Improveit! 360

About Improveit! 360

improveit! 360 puts all the tools you need to run your business into a single, powerful system. Built specifically by home improvement veterans, our contractor software helps you manage: leads, marketing, appointments, quoting, sales, finance, jobs, service, compliance, reporting and more.

About Tenfold

Tenfold is a CTI solution which makes your CRM and Phone work as one. All calls made on your Phone will be automatically logged in Improveit! 360. Setup takes just minutes with no server or desktop software to install.


  • Callinize is not your typical CTI solution. It boasts an innovative feature set your users will love.
  • All Calls are Logged 100% Automatically. No need to be logged into Improveit! 360 or even have your computer on.
  • Add Sales Gamification to Improveit! 360.
  • Click to Dial works on any webpage. Improveit! 360, your inbox, a spreadsheet, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Easy to use Inside Sales interface that doesn't require any training.
  • Often called a PowerDialer, Auto-Dialer, Progressive Dialer, or Predictive Dialer. We call it a Sales Dialer!
  • Call Centers use Call Popups that appear on every browser tab. This allows users to add notes to calls even when they're not logged into Improveit! 360!
  • Contact name & account link to the Improveit! 360 records to quickly pull up all your Improveit! 360 data.
  • The caller's previous calls, notes, etc are pulled from Improveit! 360 and displayed in the call Popup
  • Call Notes entered in one tab are sync'd to others. Never hunt down the tab you left notes in again. We popup right in Improveit! 360 or any tab.
  • Call History for reviewing calls made
  • Call Metrics you can understand.
  • @mention syntax enables easy sharing of call notes.
  • Popups handle multiple calls (ie. Call Waiting), don't ever lose a call note
  • SmartRelate - Calls are related to Opportunities/Cases if dialed from one in Improveit! 360
  • If multiple matches, popup displays radio buttons to choose.
  • Gamification awards top performers and makes it fun
  • Popup is minimizable to side of screen from Improveit! 360 or any tab