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About HubSpot

Hubspot CRM’s tagline is ‘Close more deals with less work’. It’s easy to get started with Hubspot, as the platform can be up and running in minutes, without investing a lot of time in tools. Hubspot CRM allows a business to manage their pipeline visually, by giving an always up-to-date view of the entire sales funnel. Data can be sorted in a number of ways, from appointments scheduled, to deals that are closed or lost, contracts sent for signatures, and performance statistics based on quotas set in the platform. Custom filters allow for more actionable intel very quickly; sorting by team owner, dollar amount, name or more customizable attributes is possible. Data is stored securely on the platform and will never be disclosed to any third party.

Hubspot aims for simplicity by tracking customer interaction automatically, whether via email, social media, or by phone. Syncing the platform with either Gmail or Outlook allows easy capture of calls, meetings, and emails as they occur, lessening the chance that team members will forget to document things and increasing the actionable data collected.

Leads are fleshed out beyond names and job titles; interactions are stored in a timeline that includes notes and each communication for that person. No digging through a bulging inbox or sorting through a spreadsheet to try and remember what happened, and when. Further, it is possible to easily add custom properties for more detailed data needed, without any administrator or IT help.

This platform is ‘totally free, and always will be’ according to Hubspot. Small businesses that need an inexpensive, simple CRM that will actually get used are great prospects for Hubspot CRM. It is powerful, but lightweight, with no training required as it’s extremely intuitive. People of all skill levels can start using it right away and full adoption of the program is high.

Overall, we’d recommend HubSpot CRM for SMBs looking for a basic, simple, and user-friendly CRM system. Because the Hubspot CRM platform is easy to use, team members can use it on a daily basis to track details and stay connected. Better yet, because it is linked directly to the marketing dashboard, toggling back and forth to get a big picture view is simple and enhances marketing and sales.

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