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Located in the Silicon Valley and founded by two PhDs, 8×8 started off as a semiconductor vendor and chip manufacturer. Originally named Integrated Information Technology, the company began exploring the emerging videoconferencing market in 1992. As the company transitioned to selling videoconferencing systems under the ViaTV brand, the name was changed to 8×8. In 1997, 8×8 went public. Over the next five years, the company began acquiring other companies and technology to enable its Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service. In 2002, 8×8 launched the Packet8 VoIP service. Through acquisitions of cloud service companies, such as Central Host, 8×8 transformed Packet8 into its current product line, the 8×8 Communications Cloud. In 2017, 8×8 had over 800 employees and retained 128 patents in video processing, videophones, communications technology, and security. With this cloud communication technology, 8×8 serves 48,000 companies globally.

The 8×8 Communications Cloud is the umbrella name that encapsulates all of 8×8’s communications products. The suite includes the 8×8 Virtual Office, which increases productivity with mobile apps, chat and presence management. Virtual Office also offers collaboration tools like web and HD video conferences. The 8×8 Virtual Contact Center is also included in the communications cloud. This service offers call recording, monitoring, omnichannel interactions and workforce optimization. It can be integrated with common CRM and ERP tools. Salesforce, ZenDesk, and Microsoft Dynamics are among the possible integrations. Beyond the pre-built integrations, 8×8 also offers some open APIs to allow customers to connect their preferred software. The 8×8 Communications Cloud also displays real-time analytics to assist with business decisions and intelligence gathering. The system is intended to unify communications across the business and work seamlessly with mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Named an industry leader in Unified Communications by Gartner, 8×8 has been the recipient of numerous awards. Infonetics Research has named 8×8 the Top Hosted VoIP provider for five years in a row. Other technology awards include the CloudTrust Enterprise-Ready Ranking. This ranking demonstrates that 8×8 meets the security criteria co-developed by Skyhigh and the Cloud Security Alliance. 8×8 was also named one of the Top 25 Best Small Companies by Forbes Magazine in 2013. This ranking is based on 8×8’s strong earnings and stock performance. Forbes even named 8×8 as a top stock pick and ranked 8×8 No. 10 on the list of 20 Fast Growing Tech Stars. These awards recognize 8×8’s technological and financial achievements.

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