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Cisco UCM + Microsoft Dynamics

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About Cisco UCM

Cisco IP phone and telephony solutions support advanced, reliable VoIP phone and video phone communication with endpoints at any location. Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) enables people to make powerful connections–whether...
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About Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business solution to help develop leads, nurture contacts, track your sales, and keep your customers happy. It brings digital intelligence into each deal,...
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About Tenfold

Tenfold is a phone intelligence solution which unifies a user’s phone system and CRM platform; All calls made on your phone will be automatically logged in Microsoft Dynamics, allowing them to work together, and streamline the customer experience.

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See how Tenfold helps companies have better customer conversations

  • Higher integrity data by automatically capturing all customer conversations
  • Measurably increase the productivity of your customer-facing employees
  • Improve the Customer Experience at the moment of interaction

100% Data Capture

Tenfold automatically captures every interaction and natively integrates with all communication platforms including Microsoft Dynamics

360-Degree View

Tenfold provides immediate transparency across all departments, specific to the current customer state

Ease of Implementation

There is minimal change to end user behavior and as always, no change in existing infrastructure is required with the Tenfold and Microsoft Dynamics integration


With Tenfold, you also have the ability to innovate by leveraging your current tech stack and operate within current security requirements

Capture 100% of your customer interactions

80% of customer engagement data is missing

Running a modern day business is like having a bad set of windshield wipers in a storm, you get 20% visibility into the activity that your team is doing and not enough to really know what is going on. Tenfold installs a new set of windshield wipers that gives you 100% visibility into your business.

Native integration with all communication platforms

Tenfold provides automatic capture of customer interaction data in real-time with minimal change to end user behaviors as well as the flexibility to add/change systems without hidden costs or service fees.

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Breaking down the Technology barrier: how a Dynamics/Cisco integration can empower your team

In an enterprise setting, a day in the life of a sales agent is typically fast paced, high energy, with no time to focus on the little things. The main asset to a sales agent is their phone, the primary source of communication with enterprise clients and potential customers, but how do we quantify Cisco’s phone data? How is this information broken down into digestible chunks that is then logged to Microsoft Dynamics crm?  Here is a breakdown of Cisco phone events and how they are processed through the lens of a major integration that deals with integrating Cisco and Microsoft Dynamics.


Three important events

To understand a cisco telephone system, we need to understand the three key events that encompass a phone call. The ringing event, the connected event, and the hangup event. These three events are vital when processing Cisco cti events for each call and if there is distortion to any of these events, then there’s a problem with the overall call.


The Ringing event

The ringing event is when the agent enables a user’s Cisco phone; whether by a click-to-dial integration or a manual dial. Using an analogy to simplify this, the ringing event is the salesperson knocking on the door. Without the knock, there’s no way to tell if someone is there and the sale can never start.


The Connected Event

The connected event is described as the start of the connection between the person being dialed and the agent through Cisco, and the end of that connection. Continuing the analogy, this is the moment the door is answered and the salesperson begins their pitch.


The Hangup event

The hangup event is the bookend of the call. It’s the moment communication is terminated between the two parties. Finishing the analogy, this is the point in which the prospect has either expressed interest, or decided the product doesn’t fit their needs. In either case, this portion of the conversation is over, and the door is closed; for the time being. This doesn’t mean an agent can’t go back in later, but for now, it’s time to leave.


Why is this significant for a Cisco/Microsoft dynamics integration?


Typically with on-premises phone systems such as Cisco, there is a disconnect in how these phone systems get to Microsoft Dynamics crm, resulting in agents manually logging their effort.  A popular integration bridges the gap between Cisco and Dynamics, which leverages software installed onto a server to monitor the phone events, interpret them, and send them to the Dynamics crm through a Floating UI integration.


Breaking this down

The configuration of this monitoring software is intuitive and relatively straightforward for the integration.   To get started, the user will need the public facing IP address of their phone system. This tells the monitoring software where to look for phone events and for the integration to capture them.    Once this is set up, additional configurations can be made, such as dial out and trunk prefixes to indicate calls that need a dial out number.  This impacts what the integration sees in the UI.  Routings rules can also be configured for the phone system to filter out numbers for inbound call scenarios.


As an example, we can look at when cisco telephone system can append numbers to the beginning of an inbound call, which can create issues when trying to associate that call to Dynamics crm. So, while Cisco is sending 9512-770-9100, we want the monitoring software to interpret it as 512-770-9100. How does this work? Through the Cisco integration, we set a rule that leverages regular expression to filter out the number 9. Which would look something like this; ^9(/d{10}). This tells the monitoring software to filter out a 9 on 10 digit strings.

How does a Cisco/Dynamics integration help me?

When we take into account how much of an agent’s day is spent doing busy work in Dynamics,  off the phone, rather than dialing more prospects or leveraging new leads through Dynamics, it’s easy to see how a cisco/microsoft dynamics integration like this can lead to improved productivity. The agent can now spend a much larger portion, most of their day in fact, on meaningful work. Want to learn more about microsoft dynamics crm integration? Watch microsoft dynamics crm demo today.

Cisco UCM Compatibility

Cisco Unified Call Manager (UCM)

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* Cisco PBX integrations may have some additional setup costs.  Contact us to learn more.

If you have for Cisco Desk phones (but not a Cisco PBX), See here.

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