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Connectwise knows that sales are the lifeblood of any business, and managing relationships the right way leads to more sales. That is the aim of the Connectwise CRM; to help companies manage their sales pipeline, keep their funnel full and manage sales reps as well. The platform aims to do all that, and faster and better than other platforms. Connectwise is rated #1 by IT and technology companies that know a thing or two about the automation process.

ConnectWise offers a wealth of information to help businesses improve sales productivity and enhance revenue while keeping it flowing smoothly. It does this by putting all the company’s customer and sales data into one centralized system. Measuring sales activity is easy with no micromanagement needed, and forecasting sales with accuracy is quick. Further, removing bottlenecks that slow down processes is enabled with the 360-degree view of records, and by automating administrative tasks that slow things to a crawl.

More than a CRM, ConnectWise is a business process automation software that helps a business to service and support technology in addition to increasing sales. The process is streamlined and enables much better customer support due to the centralization of information and real-time operational visibility. ConnectWise offers a ticketing system, tools for project management, procurement, billing, and a help desk. There are also dashboards and reporting capabilities for more than 300 third-party integrations, so this CRM can be a great “add-on” tool to those automated systems a business is already using.

As a complete business management tool, ConnectWise definitely is geared more towards technology companies like IT service businesses, professional business services, software developers, telecom companies, and security organizations. As such, there are workflow rules in ConnectWise that cover various parts of the business, from conducting focused marketing campaigns to monitoring the delivery of service according to service level agreements. Ticket management, time tracking, billing and invoicing, inventory management, technician dispatch, project management and procurement are all available with this CRM platform.

Overall, ConnectWise is a very efficient way to streamline IT that uses automation options for many parts of it, like request management, incident management, service reporting, change management and availability management. The dashboards and reporting features are customizable to exactly the information needed to provide the company detailed views of its most crucial KPIs. The mobile version enables the handling of critical data and handling service requests from anywhere at anytime.

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