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About Bullhorn

Bullhorn is a cloud-based CRM software that allows businesses to standardize and customize recruiting and staffing systems. Originally founded as an online marketplace for creative workers such as designers and artists, Bullhorn’s software was built to map a staffing agency’s workflow, and its software systems are designed intuitively are recruiters’ needs. More specifically, Bullhorn has a series of distinct cloud-based CRM programs for recruiting, sales, and operations. Bullhorn’s combination of automation, data analysis, and instructive visuals provide active scaffolding for expert-level recruiters.

Bullhorn Recruitment CRM imagines itself not only as recruitment software but also as a recruitment management program, in which all of the differing elements of recruitment can simultaneously be accessed and processed together. With the CRM, Bullhorn allows companies to view resumes, keep records via easy to organize tabs, and collaborate with other staff efficiently and easily. In addition, the CRM tracks all of the communications between the company and the candidate so that the records are easily available. Bullhorn Recruitment is the first staffing-specific CRM to be integrated with LinkedIn, allowing its users to see files, records, and contacts. This integration provides up-to-date and accurate prospective and current client information. Moreover, Recruitment is available through any desktop, device, or tablet, so that professionals can open, view, and edit records anywhere, at any time.

In sales, Bullhorn’s Sales CRM gives companies the ability to keep track of and manage their teams’ engagements with clients. Bullhorn’s Sales CRM allows companies to analyze new, potential opportunities visually, with real-time data analysis. In addition, the software records and provides insight into account interactions, so that a business can monitor account progression, note discrepancies, and suggest improvements. Bullhorn’s Pulse Customer Analytics provides a visual image of company-client relationships. Pulse syncs email and phone conversations to record client interactions and then translates those interactions into meaningfully analyzed data. Furthermore, Pulse can examine the data and highlight aspects that need immediate attention. Like the rest of Bullhorn’s programs, Pulse is accessible on a myriad of devices and available to multiple devices simultaneously.

Bullhorn is endorsed by several key software reviews. Finances Online gives Bullhorn CRM a 100% satisfaction rate and places it in the top 100 CRM software products. PC Magazine calls Bullhorn the “best applicant tracking software solution on the market,” noting its easy integration with Gmail and Outlook, its unlimited customizations, and key features which make data input fast and easy.

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