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Bicom Systems is a small telecommunications company with less than 50 employees headquartered near London. Established in 2003, Bicom Systems integrated open source telephony technology into a complete proprietary package called PBXware. Released one year later in 2004, PBXware is the first open standards turnkey telephony system. Today, PBXware has been expanded to include three different levels of service. As a global company, Bicom Systems has offices in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, France and the United States. In 2014, Bicom Systems expanded its range to include India through a partnership with Santhosh Kumar. Another partnership with Entrust ICT in 2015 allowed Bicom Systems to expand into the Australian market. The company has continued to grow through partnerships and software improvements.

PBXware is Bicom System’s main product line. PBXware is a downloadable software that interfaces with an existing telephony system. It pairs with both VoIP and traditional PSTN technologies to provide an accessory rich interface. Features like conference bridges, call screening, hot desking and IVR auto attendants are included within the package. Users can set their own preferences for call forwarding, overhead paging, remote access, personal IVR, instant recording and more. PBXware also includes Fax over IP (FOIP), which allows the exchange of faxes between two machines connected via the Internet or a traditional phone line. One advantage of PBXware is that it is software based, so it is easy to move between locations. It works with the existing system. A dashboard provides a single page overview of the system, including information on call statistics and running services. Within PBXware, there are three different solutions: Business, Call Center and Multi-Tenant. PBXware is intended to lower costs, increase productivity, and support legacy technology and handsets.

Bicom Systems tracks its achievements through case studies with customers. In 2008, Bicom Systems installed a telephony system for the non-profit Legal Aid Ontario. The office’s 450 staff members were networked via PBXware into a single dial plan. Reduced time and the ability to add on new offices were highlighted by the customer as benefits. Bicom Systems has also worked with NASA at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In six weeks, Bicom Systems delivered a PBXware-based system that allowed the supervisor to monitor 20 conferences concurrently. Systems have been deployed at Airbus Defense and Space, Dell Global, Islamic Relief, Columbia University and others. Although Bicom Systems is not regularly recognized for its innovation and customer service, the case studies demonstrate that the company is developing great solutions for its customers.

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