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Texas-based Advologix is a cloud-based legal solutions company. Founded in 2006, the small company of less than 50 people is led by co-founders Paul Deschenes and Jonathon Reed. Deschenes is an award-winning Customer Relations Management (CRM) architect. Reed runs the day-to-day operations as an experienced enterprise software CEO. Since its inception, Advologix has expanded by partnering with complementary products. A recent October 2016 partnership with Accounting Seed enabled Advologix to expand its offerings to include billing and more specialized services. Intended to be used in conjunction with other cloud services, Advologix is a top legal application on the Salesforce platform.

Advologix is a management software for legal departments, law firms, and public service organizations. One differentiator is that Advologix
compiles information for each matter. Accessing the matter provides the customer with a portfolio of knowledge. Other management systems interact with the matter management, such as contact management, calendars, and expense tracking. Advologix also offers document and email management. The system integrates with common company products like Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word. Additionally, Advologix has feature-rich dashboards that can be customized with formulas and graphics. These can be easily exported to Excel. Customers can access Advologix from a mobile app too. The company provides a scalable legal solution: services can expand with a small company as it grows. Through the Salesforce platform, Advologix offers integration with over 3,000 applications. The company even provides an API so that customers can enhance the capability of the service.

Although Advologix has not been nominated for major industry awards, it is recognized as a leader in cloud-based matter management systems. Thousands of legal practitioners worldwide are enrolled in the service. Advologix is a large player in the small specialized field of online matter management.

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