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Located in Concord, Ontario, Canada, Aastra Technologies was a telephony company that specialized in telephone terminals for business and residential customers, PBX systems, digital video encoders, decoders, gateways, and network access terminals. The company was founded in 1983 and became one of the largest of its kind in Canada. In 2008, it employed 1,600 staff and was listed as a public company. In 2013, in a deal valued at around $400 million, Mitel Networks Corporation acquired Aastra Technologies. The purchase was completed in January 2014. Aastra was founded by Francis Shen and Hugh Scholaert after they bought an engineering consulting company. They started to develop telecommunications systems in 1993.

When the company was still active, Aastra sold telephony equipment for residential customers in the United States under the Bell Equipment and Sonecor brands. Elsewhere, products came with the Aastra label. The Aastra Office 5370IP, for example, was an IP telephone system that optimized call preparation, call waiting, name dialing and private calls, and provided users with access to up to 350 entries in a private telephone directory. The Aastra 6731I, later sold under the Mitel name, offered enhanced call management, too. Users could redial contacts, log calls, access personal directories and share calls. An older, analog phone created by Aastra, the Aastra Dialog 7106a, was an early example of an office phone that enhanced telecommunications. The handset featured four customizable function keys, a message wait indicator and last number redial.

Before Mitel acquired the company, Aastra scooped various awards. The company received the Innovation Award for “Best Telephony Vendor in the Middle East” in 2013 for showing commitment to the region. Aastra won an HP AllianceONE Partner of the Year Award in the “Best Technology Partner” category. Other accolades include the Frost & Sullivan Growth Strategy Leadership Award in 2008.

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