15 Sleek Apps To Gamify Sales In Your Company Have you looked into gamifiying your sales floor?

Gamification has gained the attention of many sales leaders because it’s been proven to boost performance in the sales floor when deployed right.

At first, it received criticism. The usual “games shouldn’t be played at work”.

However, because of the performance boost it brought to many sales teams and other work teams, business leaders have taken time to look into gamification to make sense of how it works in practice.

From leaderboards to contests, gamification in the sales workplace has brought success of varying degrees to various companies.


According to Brainshark, there are four reasons why gamification works.

It reinforces desired behaviors

Brainshark quoted LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh, ““When you take those critical sales behaviors and launch contests and leaderboards around them, you can watch your sales team’s competitive side kick into high gear and they’ll be excited to do it. But the key is that the goal isn’t ‘adoption,’ it’s motivating the right sales behaviors that will help you sell more and grow faster. And because salespeople understand that the leaderboards are populated based on what they enter into Salesforce, adoption will come along for the ride.”

It’s easily trackable

Sales operations today are mostly data-driven, but still a lot of sales managers slack off when it comes to tracking and aggregating individual rep data. Through gamification, the push to keep an eye on numbers now come from different areas including reps who are eager to be on top of their numbers as well. Through sales software, this process is simplified and can be automated.

It holds sales reps accountable

According to Greg Ausley of CoachSimple.net, “Creating small challenges with a simple leaderboard made available to the team either in real-time, nightly or weekly combined with small prizes and bragging rights during the sales meetings can provide that extra shorter term motivation which will lead to more sales and a higher participation rates in your achiever awards and success trips.”

This way, the sales force own not only their successes but also their goals. One of the best ways to keep salespeople accountable is to have something at stake in the process.

It improves performance

On the SalesForce blog, Rajat Paharia wrote, “Gamification is about taking the big data that your employees are generating as they interact with your systems and using that data to motivate better performance and drive a hard ROI.”

Gamify the sales floor with these tools

Sales leaderboards used to be an opportunity for sales managers to exercise their creativity. Cutting up felt paper to create frames and borders for salespeople’s photos is not unusual. It’s cute but it eats up productive hours.

With tech taking over business, it’s not surprising that a lot of tools for gamification are used in sales floors. If you’re not using one (or two) yet, we put together a list of tools you can test and use to boost performance in your teams.

Here they are together with their elevator pitches.


MindTickle provides millennial-friendly user interface and social features, such as discussions and news feeds, consistently deliver high user engagement. Game mechanics elevate user motivation and foster healthy competition.

MindTickle is a category defining “sales readiness” platform. For the longest time, organizations have looked at the process of keeping their sales and customer service team ready to create wins for themselves and their customers as a “training and content delivery” process.

MindTickle looks at sales and customer readiness as an extension of the sales or service process itself. Simply put, MindTickle provides an all-in-one Saas platform that enables fast growing organizations to implement an efficient, engaging and effective processes across Onboarding, Ongoing refreshers, periodic updates and (re)certification such that the business leaders can ensure that their customer facing teams are always on top of their game.


Exceptional companies create high-performance cultures.

Doing the right things at the right time is crucial to keep your team on target with its goals. Use our technological platform to manage your organizational & operational excellence, productivity and return while simultaneously creating a more change-capable organization.

Skyrocketing complex business, organizational and workforce change and spreading happiness is no longer a contradiction.


Drive your sales people to adopt the behaviors, training and tools critical to their success.
With the CallidusCloud sales gamification solution:

  • Increase engagement in a process or training program
  • Increase revenue by encouraging competition and shared goals
  • Stretch your incentive compensation budgetDrive adoption of new systems such as CRM
  • Drive adoption of new systems such as CRM


Badgeville is the leading business gamification company with hundreds of global brand customers. With its unique combination of in-app gamification, SaaS platform and big data analytics, Badgeville is building the future of work.

Badgeville provides the most advanced digital motivation solution in the industry. With enhanced engagement engines, Badgeville extends beyond single behavior rewards and badging, to engage, enable, and motivate users for lasting outcomes.

AgileCRM Gamification Software

Step up your sales process with Agile CRM’s industry-leading gamification software. When done right, gamification encourages both competition and collaboration for remarkable results. Agile CRM’s gamification feature set helps your sales team stay focused and improve their numbers every day by treating sales like a game. Features include custom leaderboards, real-time alerts, activity logs, email reports and advanced sales metrics.


Being certified in Gamification Design, we focus on creating state of the art solutions to motivate and reward salespeople and boost sales, withoutstanding graphic interfaces to provide best in class user experiences (UX) among all supported MS Dynamics CRM clients.

CRMGamified offers technology to help companies improve sales and services performance
– Increase people motivation through exciting contests
– Share real-time visibility of key metrics
– Recognize people’s achievements
– Measure. Engage. Improve

Fantasy Sales Team

FantasySalesTeam enables sales teams to run more engaging and higher performing sales contests.

FantasySalesTeam was developed by sales professionals for sales professionals. It was designed by a team of software industry veterans and people that have been in the trenches by phone, foot, and plane selling and managing teams. It’s run by people that are truly passionate about helping companies drive higher performance from their sales force and who want to run a better breed of sales contest.

Working with hundreds of sales managers and thousands of reps – we have identified what makes for effective and ineffective sales contests. We recognized that to run a truly great incentive program, a simple software platform was necessary. One that’s flexible and customizable to fit any sales environment, can monitor dozens of performance metrics without operational hassle, and rewards competitive as well as team based selling.

PAKRA Simulation Games

PAKRA works with you to understand the knowledge, skills and behaviors critical to maximizing your customers experience, and to explore opportunities for business improvement across all channels of contact, including face-to-face, phone/voice, chat, web, email and social media (such as Twitter, Google+ Facebook and LinkedIn).
PAKRA then customizes Serious Games and a SaaS platform for learning and performance management such that you manage learners applying their skills to their work processes.


GamEffective’s comprehensive enterprise gamification platform is based on next-generation gamification that goes beyond simplistic game mechanics. We are a pioneer in using rich game narratives – from sports to car racing, song contests and more – and in matching game mechanics and flexible game rules with the needs of the enterprise. Our deployments encourage on-the-job mastery through a progression of challenges, emphasizing a balanced approach to achieving (often conflicting) KPIs.


Sales compensation incentives take a big bite out of your company budget. But few companies apply hard analytics to see if those compensation dollars are being spent effectively. Putting game dynamics into your compensation strategy energizes employees to exceed sales goals, while giving you — and them — real-time visibility into the numbers. Moreover, with gamification, your big investment reaps bigger rewards.

Automated incentive compensation plans invigorate sales teams and transform company sales results. Adding game features to the plan spices the sales mix all the more, so that reps are more focused, engaged, and productive.


Game mechanics are an integral part of the Qstream experience. Leaderboard competitions increase engagement levels and have a direct impact on mastery of the content. If users keep up with their questions, they will master the content.

Leaderboards now include team competitions. Participants can be grouped into teams based on a client-defined tag such as sales region, business unit, job title, specialty, and more. Teams compete on the leader boards based on the average score for the team.

Online leader boards display up-to-the-minute team rankings that keep everybody engaged.


CRM.me is a gamified application, which means it uses game mechanics to reward an individual’s usage of the system and promote best practice behavior. The goal of gamification within CRM.me is to address one of the greatest challenges of all business systems, user adoption.

Gamification Elements:

  • Badges
  • Coins
  • Collections
  • Game Rewards
  • Gamification Dashboard
  • Leaderboard
  • Leveling
  • XP Points

AppAround CPQ

Apparound is the first company to develop a CPQ (Configure Price Quote) sales solution with a built-in Sales Gamification and training module. It is used by customers in telecommunications, financial services and retail. Apparound Gamification module not only presents users with points, badges, levels, challenges, and leaderboards, but it also encourages specific behaviors and promotes the achievement of specific goals.


Gamification takes something that already exists – a website, a training tool, a CRM, an online community, or other enterprise systems–and integrates game mechanics to motivate participation, adoption, and loyalty.

A pioneer and early market innovator, Bunchball takes gamification to a whole new level with Nitro, the leading digital engagement platform. Blending enterprise-scale technology with market-leading expertise, our proven solution delivers unmatched business value – turning your systems of record into valuable systems of engagement, with performance data and analytics that fuel measurable business results.


Hoopla aligns, motivates, and engages your employees no matter the size, location or focus of your teams. Broadcast live performance updates on big-screen TVs in your office or company-wide. Stream key metrics and visual information straight from your CRM system or any excel spreadsheet. Recognize wins the moment they occur, and connect the entire office in a play-to-win team culture.

Choose the right software

Choosing the right tools is essential in driving better performance in your team. Most solutions offer trial packages and demos that you should take advantage of before making a mass roll-out in your sales floor.

That said, the success of a gamification program still heavily relies on the way you implement contests and other techniques. Make sure to check back on Tenfold blog for more gamification and sales tips.


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