How A Predictive Dialer System Boosts Contact Center Performance Can predictive dialer systems drive revenue through better connections?

Cumbersome software do not have a place in contact centers.

The processes are fast-paced enough–and if a piece of tech leaves agents tinkering instead of calling, then it’s not doing its job.  If a piece of software fails to show its value, it will get thrown out.

If there’s a piece of tech that does its job well, it’s the predictive dialer system.

Companies that have inside sales agents and other phone-based professions face complex challenges, a major one of which is squeezing in more production in so little time.

Each minute, each second, counts.

Hiccups in workflow can translate into lost hot leads–and inevitably, slower ROI. Having the ability to reach clients during the time they are most open to conversation is one of the biggest challenges, and most companies lose that because of small inefficiencies.

What can predictive dialing software do for a company with telephone-based processes?

Compared to “regular” auto-dialers that dials numbers only when an agent is free, predictive dialers dial a number before a sales agent is free to take the call. In brief, predictive auto-dialers are a type of auto-dialer that uses predictive statistical analysis to determine if a call should be placed to leads.

It’s an intelligent outbound dialer software system that is used by large-scale call centers and sales organizations. The main objective of using auto-dialers like predictive dialers is to maximize agents’ time by decreasing their idle time between calls.

When agents get more talk time, they contribute more to revenue goals. With older automated dialing systems, it’s normal to lose leads and that’s just not acceptable now with the available tech allowing companies to be more efficient with their resources.

Predictive dialers and other smarter software that take advantage of analysis and intelligent algorithms power call centers. As an example, a vital contribution of a predictive dialing system to a contact center is its ability to identify the best time to connect a call to an agent, decreasing idle time. Time is money, and predictive dialers save money.

Better time management

In sales floors and contact centers, time runs out quite fast. The leads are in and you have to make the right connection, but you keep on  getting recordings on the other end of the line. If you have quota-carrying agents, this means other stuff gets pushed and pushed because of bad connections and empty calls.

You need to manage your calls better and predictive dialers slash time for you so you’d have more productive hours in your day.

Predictive dialers approach call management through the use of algorithms. It predicts when call center agents should be on a call with clients and prospects. It anticipates and predicts the time that customers are available to take the call so the agents won’t be connected to a recording, a busy tone, or an answering machine.

Among the things that predictive dialers identify is when a rep may finish a current call. By doing this, a predictive dialer is able to supply a steady stream of live person connections to the rep. No time wasted on dead  lines.

When the call center agent is about to end a call, the dialer will contact the next prospect or client.

Boosts productivity

Sales organizations rely on their inside sales and outbound call agents to produce the monthly numbers. One of the many challenges faced in telephone sales is the length of time taken in connecting calls while also taking note of numbers that are call but go unanswered.

If you’re still dialing manually, it takes about 30 seconds to dial out each call. If the call is unanswered, the agent needs to take note of that so the number goes back in the pool to be called again later.

Predictive dialers eliminate these issues right away. The fix is quick and simple. Predictive dialers use an algorithm to marry client availability with agent connections. Also, they reduce the call connecting time by targeting to connect agents to a live person each time.

It positively affects productivity on the managerial level as well. With the need to manage call lists eliminated, call center supervisors can focus on assisting agents to improve their metrics. Time spent on sorting and assigning can be better spent on enabling agents to make better calls and be prepared for each call every day. Instead of managing number lists, managers get to manage their agents.

More productive hours, more calls made. More calls made, more sales closed.

Manage leads efficiently

Leads are liquid gold. If your marketing department and sales enablement teams are doing their jobs well, you should have a steady stream of high-quality leads coming to you.

However after getting leads in, the responsibility of converting leads into clients is almost solely in the sales department’s hands. When you don’t make the right calls at the right time, when you’re caught unprepared in each call, when you don’t have enough time to call leads in the time they should be called, that’s when you’re burning through leads that, who knows,

When you don’t make the right calls at the right time, when you’re caught unprepared in each call, when you don’t have enough time to call leads in the time they should be called, that’s when you’re burning through leads who may be your next big clients. Especially in the world of B2B, all connections matter. A single call can net you a five-digit contract. Wasted leads in b2b, although just as important, are more valuable to the bottom line that in any operation.

Predictive dialers usually have lead management software incorporated into the application. If not, most are open for integration with call management solutions like Tenfold.

Predictive dialers can screen out DNC or “do not call” numbers. It can clean up a list to make sure that most numbers to be dialed out are working and eligible for calls. These integrations and also LMS software are capable of lead info recording, organization, sales tracking, customer history and other pertinent data that can be provided to agents automatically.

Newer technologies like Tenfold use more efficient modes of info delivery like pop-ups which appear once the plug-in detects a call in progress. Better lead management will lead to better interaction with customers, leading to more sales.

Motivated sales force

You’re probably thinking, “how can an auto-dialer motivate a sales force?”

Well, imagine this. You’re seated in a cubicle for hours, taking calls and making them, and you’re getting more machines that live people.

It’s only a matter of time before frustration sets in.

Because predictive dialers allow the sales force to polish their skills by having them get meaningful conversations going with leads. When their success rate is high, they’ll be more motivated to work–especially quota-carrying agents!



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