Click to Call for Salesforce

Click to Call for Salesforce

Click to Call for Salesforce Simplify your calling process

Click to call for Salesforce allows you to dial a call by simply clicking on a button to the right of a phone number in the following sections of the software:

  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Activity
  • Account


Click to call for Salesforce is a convenient way of simplifying the calling process. Instead of manually dialing a number, one click does the work allowing sales staff to scan account details as a call is being made.


While click to call for Salesforce can save time that would otherwise be spent dialing numbers, logging calls in the software is a more cumbersome process. To speed this process up, complementary software such as Callinize’s call logging solution can be used to increase efficiency. Instead of relying on sales reps to manually type in data for each call they make, software of this type automatically records these details. This can dramatically improve call record keeping by simplifying the process, which normally goes something like this:

  • Make a call
  • Find the appropriate place to record call data in the software
  • Make a note providing relevant data about the call
  • Save and exit the note taking area and find the next contact to call

Sales staff is understandably motivated to contact as many prospects as possible to increase results. As a result, other priorities may at times result in skipping call logging. Augmenting or replacing human call logging with one click automation makes the process more efficient.


Call logging software can also provide real-time analytics relating to call data. These metrics can be used to analyze and enhance calling patterns and strategies. Such software may offer its own click to dial functionality which can be used instead of the native click to call option. Solutions of this type in some cases also feature call popups.


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