3 Ways a Click to Call Service Helps Your Business Win

As your business gets a good rhythm in lead generation, the need for reps to be savvy in lead management intensifies. Efficiency is the name of the game–leads need to be contacted swiftly and with precision. Everyone in sales knows it. You snooze, you lose.

Enter the click to call service or simply click-to-dial. This functionality that comes with tools that offer phone integration with CRMs is becoming a staple for many sales floors and call centers.

With just one click, your reps can call leads and prospects either from their CRM or from any web browser. If you want more productive reps, this tool is right up your alley.

Here are the benefits of having a click to call dialer service in place for your team.


When a rep is able to dial out simply by clicking a number right on a website or inside the CRM, they save tons of time and spend more of their work hours speaking with customers and prospects. Reps don’t need to note down phone numbers and then manually dial them out. In a nutshell, the main goal of click-to-dial is to get you more selling time.

As mentioned above, this is the main benefit of a click to call service. Every second saved matters when it comes to sales.  What’s more, you can perform activities like transferring calls or starting conference calls right through the phone integration with your CRM.

Data capture

One of the biggest challenges of sales organizations is keeping data clean and accurate. The problem of erroneous data begins in the capture. When your CRM and phone system are connected, your team has the benefit of having all activity and performance metrics logged. This way, you will benefit from rich and accurate data that can be used to glean insights from your team’s performance.

Top level management need only to open your dashboard to see how your reps are doing. Checking in used to be a management and scheduling headache. The simplicity of a click-to-dial solution that logs all activities solves that.

Calling with context

Most CRM-phone integration click-to-dial software solutions will give reps access to information right from the click. The beauty of having the customer record connected with the phone is that you have immediate access to information that will help you give context to the call you’re making. Something as simple as knowing the name of the person you will be talking to can make or break deals. CRM-phone integration will allow you to understand your prospects and leads on a more intimate level.

Here are some questions that will be easily answered when you use a click-to-dial service. Have you called this person before? How many times have you spoken to them? What stage of the sales process are they currently in?

Click-to-dial tools solve a lot of the issues that plague modern call centers and sales floors. Gone are the days that reps are blindly dialing out a tall list of numbers. It’s no longer simply a numbers game. The organization that can provide the most personalized and valuable conversations will win. Through data, information, and speed, you can win every game.


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Aki Merced

Aki Merced

Aki Merced writes about B2B sales and marketing as a content marketer for Tenfold. Follow her on Twitter @akimerced!

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