Win More: Top Apps from the Salesforce AppExchange Business App Store Enable reps to connect better with Salesforce apps and plug-ins.

Salesforce is one of the most robust software platforms built for business. Still, there are some things that can be improved upon in its out of the box version. For this reason, Salesforce put up the AppExchange.

AppExchange is a marketplace–think App Store–of plugins, add-ons, and innovative systems that were created to enhance and magnify Salesforce’s existing functionalities. AppExchange help organizations configure their CRMs to best fit their business needs.

Surely, you’re looking for ways to boost sales and improve the overall performance of your organization. You’ll definitely need more than barebones Salesforce to do that. Though there is no one-size-fits-all recipe when creating a configuration that will blow quota right out of the gate, you should dive deep into Salesforce AppExchange to find solutions that will improve your everyday process to reach strategic team and company goals.

The AppExchange is a full-on jungle filled with both useful and not-so-useful apps. It all depends on a team’s needs and situation. Finding an app that is worth learning and implementing could be tough, especially now with the growing number of software and apps developed for Salesforce and the sales industry in general.

To help with your decision-making, we put together this list of the best apps you should consider when configuring your CRM.


S-docs – Free Document Generator

The simple process of creating and delivering documents could cause snags in your sales process. S-docs automates document creation and delivery in minutes with this in-Salesforce solution. The process can be fully automated and bulk-batched. Creating quotes, invoices, statements, contracts, and other documents will be much easier and quicker.


DemandTools Administrative and Data Quality Management

Salespeople know this too well: admin tasks can take so much time! With the findings that salespeople only use a third of their time actually selling, slashing minutes off of admin work will do wonders in driving better performance. Ensuring data is clean–and that no duplicates are made–is crucial to the sales process but can also take up so much time. DemandTools does the job for you. It auto-removes duplicates and cleans up data according to your current filters. It improves upon Salesforce’s data loader, taking away the tedious task of verifying data constantly.


Geopointe Mapping Analytics

Find out where your prospects and customers are through this AppExchange app. Geopointe is widely used by various businesses in infosec and even universities. It is one of the most recommended apps on the AppExchange. Knowing where users are, you can sort tasks by categorizing them into locations using Google maps and other existing systems. It allows your team to have a solid grasp of your influence and reach, making it easier for salespeople to open up new areas for potential sales opportunities.


Mass Update Tasks, Activities Tab, Create Multiple Tasks

Rep productivity is top of mind for developers who contribute to the AppExchange. This admin app allows reps to multi-task efficiently, providing the platform to create multiple tasks for different leads, contacts, cases and opportunities. You can update any field or go one-by-one. Customization is also available for mass updates.


DocuSign for Salesforce

Almost all steps of the sales process happen online these days and there has to be a way to integrate secure document signing with your sales cloud platform. DocuSign is what Salesforce works with to help sales reps finalize contracts (striking while the iron is hot!) to eliminate feelings of doubt and uncertainty on the side of the client.

DocuSign is the industry standard when it comes to legal and binding electronic signatures. The name in itself will help your reps give clients and prospects the peace of mind necessary when brokering the usually sizeable deals in B2B sales.


Distribution Engine

Effective lead distribution is a major key in getting lead management right. If you want to seamlessly and smartly distribute inbound and marketing-qualified leads to sales reps for immediate communication, DE is for you. Configuring lead distribution using rules is what this app uses to distribute leads in whatever effective way you want. You can use lead scoring to get the best leads to the closers or a standard random distribution that equally distributes leads to all reps. It’s simple to use and can cast doubts aside when it comes to the fairness of how you distribute leads.



MyDay is another productivity app that allows your sales force to keep up with the growing responsibilities of heightened performance. They’ll be very busy all day and can definitely use help in organizing their daily tasks. MyDay is an extremely user-friendly app that allows reps to prioritize and cross out important Salesforce tasks and to-dos so they stay on top of their game.


Ebsta for LinkedIn

Want to improve your social selling efforts on the most powerful social media network for B2B salespeople? Ebsta puts Salesforce right inside LinkedIn. It allows your reps to sell more by showing Salesforce records side-by-side LinkedIn profiles. No need to switch windows as Ebsta for LinkedIn allows reps to check Salesforce records in one click. Ebsta also makes it easy to Log Calls, Activities, and Opportunities without switching screens.



InsideView is another social selling tool that focuses on harnessing sales intelligence to sell more. According to InsideView, its focus is to help reps deliver the “right message to the right person at the right time”–which is pretty much the holy grail of sales and marketing. Using InsideView, you can monitor thousands of sources to check the competence of your existing data. You can get updates on your industry and niche, particular prospects and their companies, and other vital sales intelligence that help reps optimize their efforts.


Quote of the Day!

A simple yet useful app, Quote of the Day can get a sales rep’s day unstuck. We all know that sales slumps are real and these roadblocks can feel insurmountable. Motivational and inspirational sales and business quotes are provided right inside Salesforce by Quote of the Day. You’ll be surprised at how effective quotes can be as a pick-me-up, allowing reps to realign their focus on the tasks at hand.


Cirrus Insight

For teams using Google Apps alongside Salesforce, email tracking–and optimization–is one of the most powerful functionalities you can add to your tech stack. It also works with Outlook and Office 365 in ensuring that you have an easy way to enter information from Salesforce to your email and vice versa.

There are a lot of moving parts in each email. Tracking each one you send gives you guidance on how to write better emails and improve your emailing practices moving forward. It also tells you a lot about your prospects–the devices from which they access emails (important in knowing what content to include in the message body) to which subject lines they respond best to. This information is vital in determining your next step, whether it is to send a follow-up email or to head on to your dialer to call the prospect.  As with any metric monitoring and analysis that you do as a sales pro, email tracking is important to know what works and what doesn’t. To add to that, it’s very easy to integrate Cirrus Insight with Salesforce so you can start tracking emails with a few clicks.


Tenfold Sales Dialer

Of course, could we do a list without including our awesome product? Tenfold is a powerful sales call workflow. Many companies are able to make more meaningful connections with prospects through Tenfold–both in volume and value. It allows you to expand and build your sales pipeline by enabling your reps to do more.

Tenfold also produces a daily report of the leads no one followed up with so your team can stay on top of their leads. It also automatically logs data to Salesforce. Tenfold also connects Salesforce with your phone in 5 minutes, saving you from cumbersome setups required by a lot of software with the similar function. It’s easier to get adoption up, meaning more reps can make more calls quicker. We dare say it’s galaxies smarter and better than predictive dialers.



GoToMeeting is one of the most popular virtual meeting platforms used by businesses and other institutions worldwide. As most sales transactions and meetings happen online, software solutions like GoToMeeting are becoming indispensable to salespeople. With its Salesforce integration, GoToMeeting allows you to instantly launch meetings in a single click right from Salesforce. It also has the functionality of a meeting scheduler built-in.



Zapier is one of the smartest and most useful apps created in recent years. Tedious and repetitive tasks are eliminated by connecting Salesforce to pretty much all web apps you use. It supports popular apps like MailChimp, Google Sheets, Unbounce, and more. The workflow inside Zapier lets reps choose matching fields for Salesforce and other apps easily. It’s very customizable–so reps are able to configure it for usefulness without having to write code.


Get the most out of Salesforce

Saying that the existence of apps and the AppExchange is for reps to get the most out of Salesforce is an incomplete statement. In its very core, the purpose of these apps is to make selling easier for reps. Many of these apps will save you a lot of effort, but they’re still not a full-suite alternative to painstaking selling. Delivering the best value and service to your clients and prospects still get both feet in the door.

These apps will make your reps better by multiplying the results of their existing skills.

What apps on AppExchange do you swear by? We’d love to hear your suggestions!



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Dan Sincavage

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