Top 10 US Regions Using CTI

The United States of America is one of the top countries when it comes to the use of CTI. It also has CTI hotspots, or states where CTI use is prevalent.

CTI Florida
Florida, which is at the south-eastern region of the country, is not just about spring breaks and idyllic retirements. It is also a robust economy, the fourth largest in the US. It is reliant on tourism, financial services, biomedical and life sciences, aerospace and defense, among other industries. With a GDP of more than $740 million, there’s a lot of business going on – and this is best supported with CTI technology.

CTI New York
CTI has made it in New York and it comes as no surprise. New York state is the seventh most populated states in the country. New York City, on the other hand, is a global economic hub. It is a mecca for commerce, technology and finance. It is also the home of Allworks, one of the most used phone systems in CTI.

New York is so big economically such that, if it were a country, it would be the 12th or 13th biggest economies in the world. This is where business and technology happens. It is where Wall Street, Silicon Alley and Tech Valley do business and innovate. And rightfully so, CTI plays a crucial role in getting things done.

CTI California
California is the most populated state in the USA. And, its draw goes beyond the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. The state has a lot to offer, particularly in the industries of finance, technology, scientific and technical business services. It is an enormous economy – the sixth largest in the world if it were a country.

California is the home of three of the 20 largest firms in the world: Apple, Chevron and McKesson. It is also home to some of unified communications’ leaders: Avaya, Shoretel and RingCentral. So, of course, it tops as one of the leading states that use CTI.

CTI Texas
The Lone Star state is the second largest in the US, in terms of size and population. It is also second when it comes to state GDP, with over $1.6 trillion in 2014. If Civil War Texas was all about cattles and cowboys, it has gone through a major rehaul. The state is now defined by its expanding urban centers. Two-thirds of the state have become urban meccas in recent years.

Business thrives in Texas. In fact, it’s been named as the most business-friendly state by Site Selection Magazine in 2010. Alongside California, it is home to the most number of Fortune 500 companies. Its leading industries include computers and electronics, biomedical sciences, petrochemicals, aerospace and agriculture.

Its Silicon Hills and Silicon Prairie have made the state a hub for technology and innovation, as well. It is home to tech leaders, such as Rackspace, Texas Instruments, Dell, Inc. and Perot Systems. So, of course, CTI will find its rightful place in Texas!

CTI Ohio
The Buckeye State is the seventh most populated state in the US. Site Selection magazine ranks it as the second best state when it comes business climate in 2010. It is also the recipient of the magazine’s Governor’s Cup for three consecutive years. The award is given out to the best state when it comes to business growth and development.

Ohio has the biggest bioscience sector in the Midwest. It is considered a green economy leader while being the biggest producer of plastics, fabricated metal, appliances and electrical equipment. All this points to a bustling economy that needs all the CTI technology help it can get.

CTI Georgia
The Peach State, especially its capital Atlanta, is a major business hub in the US. In fact, in the past four years, it has ranked as the top state to do business in. Georgia has the highest Standard and Poor’s credit. If it were a country, it’s more than $400 billion GDP would make it the world’s 28th biggest economy.

Leading Georgia industries include logistics and communications, service, real estate and tourism. Its is a strong economy due, in part, to Atlanta’s alpha city / world center status. As a global economic center, the city affects the economy of the rest of the state.

Fifteen Fortune 500 companies call Georgia their home. This includes Coca-Cola, Home Depot, UPS, Honeywell and Delta Air Lines. Good business is business as usual in the state – and CTI is very much integral to it.

CTI Virginia
With eight US presidents born in Virginia, it’s no wonder it leads in CTI integration as well.

The state has a GDP of more than $400 billion and thrives with key presence in communications technology, defense, and other technology related industries. It has the biggest concentration of tech workers in any US state. It is also the home of 20 Fortune 500 companies.

CTI Illinois
Illinois is diverse state with a GDP of more than $770 billion in 2015. It is the sixth most populated state and is said to be the microcosm of the country. Industrial activity is varied; with agriculture and small industries at the core of central and northern Illinois, and financial trading, medicine, logistics and law driving Chicago, its capital city.

The state’s economy is greatly dependent of high-value-added services. It is crucial to implement CTI in these industries.

CTI Massachusetts
Massachusetts is a robust state in the New England region, with key industries in the fields of information technology, finance, biotechnology, defense and higher education. It is said to be a center for high technology and venture capital investments. Cambridge’s Kendall Square is notable, in this respect, having been dubbed as “the most innovative square mile on the planet.”

It is ranked as the best state in the US in 2017, according to U.S. News and World Report. The basis for the award is the economy, opportunity, healthcare and infrastructure.

CTI Pennsylvania
As the 33th largest but the 5th most populated state in the US, Pennsylvania is a busy bee, and enjoys a GDP of more than $640 billion in 2013. It is a diverse economy, with industries ranging from agriculture to banking. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are its urban centers. It is home to 14 Fortune 500 companies.


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