The Time Saving Capabilities of Lead Distribution Software

Well managed leads are the best starting point towards your business’s growth; and even minor slips in their handling can easily spell the difference between losing and gaining a new customer. Since its introduction to the sales pipeline, the automated distribution process has completely revolutionized the way leads are coursed from marketing departments to sales agents. The creation of a systematic approach in assigning leads to the right rep ensures in the reduction of human error, ultimately converting opportunities to actual sales.

Whether you admit it or not, everything you do manually takes more time off of your work hours. Tedious methods of marketing teams communicating leads to sales reps via e-mail or telephone tend to slowdown operations; and that isn’t something that will benefit either your organization or your customer.  Injecting an analytical way of assigning leads to the appropriate agent has worked wonders for a growing number of companies. As the statistics from a report by VenturaBeat Insight shows “80% of marketing automation users saw their number of leads increase, and 77% saw the numbers of conversions increase.”

People always say that persistence is the key to a sales rep’s success. But a lot of a sales rep’s success is tied to time; as they can only perform so many tasks a day. That’s where the lead distribution software lets its presence be felt. By giving each sales rep a specific number of potential clients to attend to in a day, it regulates the volume of leads which ensures three things: the maximization of your agents’ daily schedules, an initial interaction between your potential client and your rep, and an increase in the chances of your reps landing a sale.

Recently, the playing field has been, yet again, revolutionized by a lead distribution platform that is queue-based. Unlike the previous type of automated lead distribution—list-based, a platform that is basically a digital format of the early pen and paper list of leads marketing teams used to draft—the introduction of this process optimizes every single essence of the word “automation.” Here are some of the features of this new platform:

  • Creates a self-managing business process that is personalized according to your team’s priorities, focus, and efforts.
  • Instantly delivers the “next-best-lead” to the designated agent as it comes up in the system.
  • Automatically presents the next lead as soon as the agent encodes the call result.
  • Provides the organization’s decision makers the ability to create a unified business process that cultivates a productive work ethic in sales teams.

Reliable Lead Time Distribution Software For 2017

All available lead distribution software in the current market ensures the efficient assignment of leads to their respective agents, but what else can that program do to give you a competitive advantage? Listed below are some software and their key features that will help you in converting leads into opportunities:

1. Clickpoint Software

 With a simple interface that allows your agent to maneuver through it with ease, Clickpoint Software  will be your best bet if you need a lead distribution tool that will smoothly inject itself in your current state of operations. This software’s support team will be readily available from your company’s onboarding phase with their program until your post-implementation stages.  Two other features that aid in making your lead management more efficient are: a shared calendar that both sets and tracks your team’s appointments, and can easily be synced to Gmail or Outlook; and a scoreboard that encourages healthy competition between your members.

2. Smartlead

 Besides lead management, Smartlead provides you with multiple touchpoints to generate more leads than what you’re currently getting. Optimizing each channel for potential lead generation—partner sites, local searches, social media, and call campaigns—is this software’s guarantee to you and your company. Once you have generated your desired number of leads, it then allows you to leave an indelible impression on your prospects through ways like:

  • EmailPLUS

A feature that provides an integrated report of your lead’s email activity by tracking the links they click to know more about your product.

  • Print and Direct Mail

A personalizing tool that provides your leads with printed collaterals (i.e. brochures, cover letter, or any requested literature) to inform them about what your company offers

  • Channel Marketing Programs

A lead generating instrument that utilizes multiple touchpoints like: voice, electronic and direct mail to grow the volume of your sales ready leads.

  • OrderIt E-Store

A feature that equips your online presence with a digital hub that includes your brochures or your catalogue of products that your leads can download anytime.

3. Salesfusion

Salesfusion is the software that gives importance to your sales team’s efficiency by pushing for the merging of marketing and sales operations. The program also gives marketing a peek into the lead’s decision making process the sales team is readily alerted for when a certain prospect is ready for their purchase. It also can smoothly integrate itself into your existing CRM that will instantly equip your agent’s with full knowledge of the lead they’re dealing with.

4. Infusionsoft

With a focus on empowering your sales team, Infusionsoft ensures that each agent is well guided throughout the pipeline. This software gives automatic alerts to ensure that the team quickly hit revenue goals. It also provides precise forecasts—the needs of each lead and trends that show you which strategies work and which doesn’t—giving you a boost in your confidence towards your sales team’s performance.   

The present day lead distribution system is equipped with all the necessary specifications that a company needs for the automation of its lead distribution process. But to stand out from the competition each of the software adds a unique feature. These special features are included to cater to a specific company’s individualistic demands. So, before you introduce an automated distribution process to your company’s pipeline, make sure you analyze your company’s needs.

Here are five guide questions you and your team can ask each other to help you decide which software suits your company:

  • Will this software aid in the increase of your sales statistics? Generation of leads? Analyzing of the lead funnel? Or all of the above?
  • Will it be resilient enough to blend into the current operational setup of your company?
  • Will it be able to source leads from all possible channels?
  • Will it assimilate to the needs of your agents who work remote from the office?
  • Does it have the vital specifications that cater to your multi-center organization like: automatic lead distribution, delivery of statistics from the sales to marketing teams, progress reports of each department, and a central lead management?

Every company has its own reason for introducing an automated distribution process to their pipelines, so make sure you scan through every single one available in the market before making your decision. The combined efficiency that technological advancements bring and the proper implementation of best practices will aid in giving your company a competitive advantage in managing your sales leads.


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