3 Steps to Integrate Salesforce with Asterisk The software that changed the PBX industry for good

One of the best features of Tenfold is its ability to integrate with other CRM software and phone systems, which, in turn, fuels growth in your sales organization. We love Salesforce, of course, which works especially well with open-source-created Asterisk. Here are three easy steps to integrating Salesforce with Asterisk with TenFold.

Get a Tenfold training

If your sales organization is new to using CRM software, or if you have questions about how to best integrate Salesforce with Asterisk, one of the best time investments you can make is a training session orchestrated by your Tenfold representative, where he or she is available to walk you through the integration from start to finish. In short,  the Tenfold Cloud brings phone events into your CRM. The Tenfold Call Popup brings contact information to your fingertips and records everything back to your CRM.

Spend time with Salesforce and Asterisk

Sales software is only as good as your familiarity with it. In addition to training from your Tenfold representative, one of the best ways to integrate Salesforce with Asterisk is to get familiar, on your own, with each platform. Learning the ins and outs of sales software will help run it seamlessly and flawlessly during your next sales call.

Clean up your computer

Ensuring that your hardware is in tip-top operating condition will better aid its ability to run multiple sales software programs at once. Even though Salesforce and Asterisk are cloud-based, you’ll want enough RAM and memory to ensure that their integration functions optimally. We recommend having an IT professional take a look at your computer regularly to ensure all CRM software and other components work best.

These are just a few tips on how to integrate Salesforce with Asterisk using TenFold. How have you had success in CRM integration? Share your tips in the comments below.


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