Request a Demo and/or Start a Free Trial and See How Tenfold Can Increase Your Inside Sales

Request a Demo and/or Start a Free Trial and See How Tenfold Can Increase Your Inside Sales

Request a Demo and/or Start a Free Trial and See How Tenfold Can Increase Your Inside Sales


Tenfold wants prospective customers to try our advanced add-on, which has proven to increase inside sales and efficiency in management for our satisfied clients. Therefor, we are offering a free trial offer with no credit card information needed, and/or a free demo. By allowing our prospective customers to experience our innovative add-on technology integrated with their CRM enterprise and phone systems, we are confident they’ll find it an invaluable tool.

For many of our clients, this means Tenfold becomes an add-on to the popular Salesforce CRM. Tenfold is able to integrate most CRM enterprise and phone systems with our valuable add-on and monthly service. This service is focused on organizing calls, leads, and the management of sales teams. Let’s look at three main features the Tenfold Cloud service adds to your CRM in everyday uses.

  • Pop-Up
  • Logging in the CRM
  • Analytics


Tenfold’s pop up window is a useful tool for managing emails and calls from customers. All of your latest customer emails in your CRM are organized, so you can see exactly what the last conversation was and when.

The same information is gathered for all the latest calls, so you can see both inbound and outbound calls, who answered the call, and what was discussed. All this information is located in the easy to understand pop-up window, where notes and other information can be added easily as well.

This simple tool gives the right information at the right time to the right person, all resulting in a sharper ability to close the sale. With the advanced tools Tenfold provides, sales teams and managers have enhanced ability to focus on key accounts and leads. Unified field force communication creates more efficiency in workflow, resulting in an easier managed sales teams.

Logging In the CRM

Tenfold offers a feature where you can CC a team member by typing a @ and then the users name. Important call notes and call records will get put into the CRM system, and at the same time be emailed to the team member specified. This allows managers to notify team members with pertinent information, while simply adding notes and organizing information in the CRM.

With natural language processing, Tenfold’s service allows for you to type a reminder like “call this person in on month for follow-up”, and the Task Followup feature will automatically create a task in your CRM to remind you on that exact day. This feature allows for quick reminders to be remembered, while trying to multi-task in a workday situation. This ensures no lost communications, and allows for easy-to-manage reminders to be easily placed in the CRM.

Green indicators will be displayed when using the @mentions or Task Followup features. These will explain the processes which will be invoked after the call is over. This helps users to gain clarity in workflow tasks, and ensures important tasks are remembered.


Being able to see the numbers with simple graphs and charts, gives managers a great tool for management and strategy. With Tenfold, you can rank your sales team’s efforts in different key areas. Areas such as: who has the highest rate of outbound calls, highest inbound calls, sales, and more. Being able to see how effective your sales team is helps when coming up with strategies for increased sales. Also, having accountable sales agents leads to increased efforts, especially when their increased efforts are easily seen and rewarded.

Tenfold gives an extensive call history, and graphs that detail a myriad of helpful data in an easily understood interface. The feature-rich graphs contain important data, giving managers the tools needed to know where improvement is needed. This data is designed to help improve sales by showing where sales are lost or gained.


We encourage you to try out Tenfold’s advanced add-on solution to increase your company’s sales. Try out the demo for free, or try out our free trial offer, and see for yourself how useful Tenfold’s innovative solutions are. We’ve been helping large and small businesses increase their sales for years, and are confident we can help your business as well. For any inquiries or to get started today, please contact us.


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Patrick Hogan

Patrick is a Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Tenfold.