Make Outgoing Calls Faster with Click to Dial

Managers and employees have to master many things in order to make an outgoing call center fulfill its purpose. If the center is meant to call people back to complete customer service duties, its people need to be great at explaining solutions and soothing raw nerves. When it calls people back to follow up on sales leads, its people have to be great at getting the prospects excited enough to go ahead and buy. Call center duties can also be varied, with personnel expected to handle whatever they get when they go through their lists of numbers.

The one thing that all dedicated call centers need for success is speed. When a center can process more calls, it goes without saying that it can reach more people waiting for customer service and thereby increase satisfaction and customer retention. It can also reach more sales prospects, and this can directly improve your company’s bottom line. What can you do to speed the process of making and completing outgoing calls?

Train Personnel to Limit the Chit-Chat

Chit-chat – light commentary about how someone is doing or what is going on in their lives – can ease the mood and make prospects less resistant to buying. Therefore, it’s a bad idea to completely forbid this chatter. However, it becomes a problem when both parties find it to be more interesting than the actual point of the call. Teach staff how to gracefully move conversations back to business so they can avoid losing too much time to chatty customers.

Instruct Telemarketing Staff to Avoid Leaving Messages

Many in the telemarketing industry believe that it’s a waste of time to leave voice mail messages when cold calling. Since a machine can’t get offended, tell staff to just hang up and move onto the next number when a recorded message starts to play.

Note that this shouldn’t be done with prospects that have already shown an active interest in your products or services. In their case, it’s important to seem responsive to queries. Have staff leave a short message for them, and make sure that your incoming phone number is part of it.

Implement Click-to-Dial Systems for Callers

Click-to-dial, in the context of call centers, refers to systems that turn all of the phone numbers in a computer file, email, or other such electronic document into clickable links. When a link is clicked, the phone system automatically dials the number. This greatly reduces one of the things that used to be considered immutable: the amount of time it takes to punch in phone numbers. Since there is no pressing of keys in a click-to-dial system, the physical aspect of the calling process goes much faster.

This system, made by Tenfold, makes it easy to respond to email queries, information from lead generation sites, and similar sources. It also makes cold calling easy – just put the list of numbers into electronic form, and the click-to-dial option will instantly eliminate the need to manually dial them all. When the resulting time savings is multiplied by all of the workers in your call center, it amounts to a significant increase in call volume – and therefore, profit.

To learn more about the many things Tenfold can do for your business, just contact us. We’ll be glad to tell you all about how we can implement click to dial, as well as other helpful capabilities like call logging and tracking so you never lose track of prior interactions with leads and customers again. Soon, your call center will be able to live up to its full potential and your company will see the revenue it has been looking for!



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