What are the main benefits of having Shoretel CTI integration with your CRM?

Superb efficiency, outstanding follow-up, and delighted customers are the keys to success for every sales organization. If your business has invested in a CRM and a ShoreTel phone system, then your sales team is likely showing improvement in each of these areas. However, sales organizations and call centers must take this improvement a step further to maintain a competitive edge in a cutthroat industry. ShoreTel CTI integration with your CRM is a solution that will pave the way to industry leadership for your business.

Why Should You Consider ShoreTel CRM Integration?

Aristotle’s famous proclamation, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” is an ideal phrase to describe the impact of syncing your ShoreTel phone system with your CRM. While your CRM and ShoreTel platforms each single-handedly offer a host of advantages for your business, they are even more powerful when they are successfully integrated. Below is a look at some of the barriers facing sales professionals and how integrating ShoreTel with your CRM gives employees the required tools to overcome these obstacles and thrive.

Key Barriers to Success for Sales Organizations and Call Centers

While there are many variables that influence a sales organization’s success, there are seven primary obstacles that prevent employees from closing sales and optimizing time spent on the phone with customers. Notably, each of the six barriers below can be overcome through ShoreTel CRM integration:

  • Lack of immediate access to customer information when calls are received. Fielding phone calls from customers without having a readily available summary of the customer’s account activity produces frustration among employees and customers alike. Customers are forced to waste time repeating the same information to employees who, in turn, waste additional time searching for the customer’s account.
  • Inaccurate customer data. Manual entry of customer phone numbers and addresses can lead to a higher incidence of error among sales and customer service staff. Errors can also increase if sales reps and call center agents are forced to transfer customer data from ShoreTel to a CRM.
  • A poorly functioning call center ecosystem. Performance at a call center or sales organization will suffer if sales reps and call center agents have to repeatedly search for information or copy contact details from one system to another. Not surprisingly, one of the top signs of a poorly functioning call center ecosystem is a high average handle time caused by lengthy searches for customer information.
  • A cumbersome outbound calling process. A key challenge for many sales reps and call center agents is enduring the cumbersome process of locating a customer’s phone number in the CRM and manually dialing the number to reach the customer. Employees must often contact customers repeatedly before successfully reaching them, resulting in high levels of frustration.
  • Insufficient follow-up with customers. Failure to follow up on customer opportunities is a key reason why salespeople do not succeed. While some sales reps avoid following up with customers due to fear or procrastination, a closer look at poor follow-up reveals that many sales representatives forget to follow up on quotes and leads. While the exact number of recommended follow-up attempts varies according to industry, most experts agree that seven or more follow-up attempts will significantly enhance the chances of closing the sale.  Unfortunately, the average sales rep will only make two efforts to follow up on an opportunity.
  • Low rates of customer satisfaction. Lengthy hold times, delays while agents retrieve account data and inaccurate information are common sources of customer dissatisfaction. In many cases, these problems occur when sales reps and call center agents must toggle between two systems to locate information.

Unveiling the Benefits of ShoreTel CRM Integration

Fortunately for sales organizations and call centers, the barriers outlined above can be easily overcome through ShoreTel CRM integration. Integrating these two systems can be accomplished quickly and seamlessly to allow employees and customers to begin enjoying improved productivity and efficiency immediately. Below are the top ten benefits:

  1. Agents have access to a caller’s details before they respond to a phone call. Integrating your ShoreTel phone system with your CRM provides sales representatives with immediate access to customer data when the phone rings, facilitating preparedness among employees. Agents can view the customer’s name, organization, and any recent activity before they respond to the caller. This eliminates the need for agents to waste time asking callers the same questions over and over again.
  2. Agents can click to call customers directly from their CRM platform. ShoreTel integration can transform a cumbersome outbound calling process into an effortless one-click model of efficiency. Integration allows staff to simply click on a phone number listed in the CRM, eliminating the need to dial the phone number manually.
  3. All calls made will be automatically logged. The ability to view a customer’s telephonic activity together with the customer’s CRM activity is invaluable. As long as sales reps or agents are logged into their CRM system and communicating with customers using their ShoreTel phones, all call-related information will be logged and stored on the customer’s account in the CRM system. Employees can easily view the date, time, and length of each phone call.
  4. Reduced average handling time. By optimizing efficiency and limiting delays, integrated CRM and ShoreTel phone systems will increase customer satisfaction. Customers will be more likely to return to a business, thereby improving sales. Employee satisfaction will rise in tandem as workers can more efficiently respond to customer inquiries.
  5. A first-rate client follow-up system. ShoreTel CRM integration addresses poor follow-up by organizing the follow-up process for busy sales professionals. Remembering to make seven or more follow-up calls with a customer is effortless with ShoreTel integration, as sales representatives can schedule reminders and follow-up calls for future dates. These telephonic reminders can easily be scheduled within the CRM system.
  6. Increased customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat buyers, highlighting the need for sales organizations to maintain a continued focus on customer satisfaction. Sales teams and call center managers must strive to bolster satisfaction by eliminating annoyances such as lengthy delays while reps search for customer information.
  7. Sales reps can easily associate calls to sales opportunities logged in the CRM. ShoreTel CRM integration seamlessly links phone calls to open opportunities and cases, creating a more comprehensive picture of customer activity. Sales reps can also keep track of their outbound calls to each customer. This allows them to make sure that they reach out to customers with the appropriate frequency level.
  8. Enhanced reporting capabilities. Syncing your ShoreTel and CRM systems enables sales managers and call center supervisors to produce more robust call activity reports. With all customer call data conveniently stored in the CRM, telephonic activity reports can be generated faster because all data is stored within a single consolidated platform.
  9. Happier employees. Sales professionals and call center agents are happier when they have the tools and resources to respond to customer inquiries quickly and excel at their jobs. By providing employees with tools such as one-click dialing and immediate access to customer data, ShoreTel CTI integration facilitates employee retention.
  10. A healthier bottom line. Improved reporting, enhanced employee efficiency, and higher rates of customer satisfaction provide the foundation for a healthier bottom line. This is an important point for sales managers to note as they propose ShoreTel CRM integration to CIOs, CFOs, and other stakeholders.

Final Considerations

ShoreTel CRM integration is a powerful solution that enables sales organizations and call centers to overcome key barriers to success. From superb follow-up mechanisms to increased customer satisfaction, the benefits are impressive. Call centers and sales organizations in search of a fast, seamless way to delight employees and customers alike should consider integrating their systems to enjoy a competitive edge over their industry rivals.


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