InsideSales vs. TenFold: Comparing Price & Functionality

InsideSales vs. TenFold: Comparing Price & Functionality

InsideSales vs. TenFold: Comparing Price & Functionality Brick house

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing inside sales CRM software for your team. You can start to narrow the field by reading reviews on sites like Capterra. But don’t make your decision based only on reviews. Even the highest-rated CRM software might not be a match for your team’s needs or budget.

An investment in sales CRM software can pay off if you choose the right one. Here’s a quick comparison of two top inside sales CRM options, InsideSales and TenFold. was the first in the industry to provide “telephony power tools.” It uses something called Neuralytics to propel its sales acceleration platform and forecasting capabilities. The CRM software offers a PowerDialer Suite with automated voice/email/text capabilities. It also is easy to integrate with Salesforce. typically appeals to sales teams in the B2B and high-end B2C space. It offers three tiers of service, from $125 per user per month to $295 per user per month.

Worth it?: As a sales CRM software solution, promises big things for big money and it’s got a lot of cool-sounding features, but they are complex. It could take too much precious time to configure them all for your sales team. And after the configuration, you’ve got to actually train your sales team on how to use it! Plus, is expensive, even at the lowest price tier. If you’re just getting started with inside sales, there are more cost-effective options.


Even small inside sales teams need sales CRM software. Our product takes just minutes to set up on your existing phone system, and it lets you build sophisticated, new, or replacement enterprise applications with speed, quality, and power. Your team can stay focused on converting prospects instead of learning a complicated system. It includes click-to-dial, advanced analytics dashboard, call tracking, lead management, and prospecting, and it has an integration path with nearly all VoIP providers that support SIP (which is practically all of them). And it’s the only CTI solution that works with the new Simplified User Interface of Oracle, a massive cloud database. Cost ranges from $19 per user per month to $60 per user per month.

Conclusion: You don’t have to be head of IT to understand how Callinize works. It’s easy to use for small inside sales teams (10 or more). Plus, you can always upgrade to more functionality as your team grows. At just a fraction of the cost of, TenFold offers more bang for your buck.

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