Exploit Your Potential for Inside Sales With Quality CTI Technology

Inside sales are becoming the new norm in B2B businesses with the advanced tools available including CTI technologies. In fact, according to Sales Benchmark Index: 70% of customers would rather not have an in-person meeting. The benefits of inside sales are numerous, beckoning C-Suite members to upgrade their systems to facilitate them with greater capacity. This is where TenFold’s advanced CTI technologies and CRM service can help.

Benefits of Inside Sales

Obviously, all sales are good for business, yet inside sales have more advantages than outside sales in most cases. Some of the ways inside sales benefit businesses are:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Preferred by Customers
  • Gives advanced tools for better service and accelerated sales
  • Allows for customers easier collaboration in decision-making

Some companies may be more suited to closing sales remotely like cloud base B2B services, while other companies may use inside sales for some products yet not others. Each company is going to require unique strategies when it comes to their sales processes, yet for most companies inside sales is going to be preferable.

How TenFold Can Help Increase Your Inside Sales

Using a quality CTI technology and service like TenFold will give your company the tools and knowledge to increase inside sales. Not only will customers get a proven software to upgrade their sales management tools, but our experienced consultation service will give you the knowledge needed to use it effectively.

Here are some interesting facts about inside sales:

  • Increase your closing rate by 9x when calling leads within 5 minutes
    60% of leads are called after a day later
    Leads close after 9 follow-ups on average
    44% of sales reps only follow-up one time

Our comprehensive service is designed to integrate your phone and computer systems into a central platform with advanced sales management tools, as well as giving expert consultation on best sales practices. In light of this effort we are offering an exclusive eBook called: “21 Tips Seasoned Sales Reps Won’t Tell You.” Our goal is to help you transition seamlessly into our easy-to-use CTI software and help you solve common sales problems with CRM. Ultimately, we want to see clients reach their monthly sales goals.

TenFold’s products are especially helpful for inside sales by the nature of integrating businesses’ CRM systems for remote use in sales. The ability of organizing and prioritizing leads, follow-ups, strategies, and collaborative efforts are all realized with TenFold’s advanced tools. Whether a business uses phones or not, our software provides a central platform for optimal CRM.

TenFold can integrate with CRM and phone systems of all types. Our powerful partnerships and knowledge of leading business systems gives us a unique ability to create seamless integration with any CRM or phone system your business is using. Customers can choose from these monthly plans we offer:

  • Pro: starter plan ($19/user/month)
  • Team: Designed for teams and power users ($29/user/month)
  • Enterprise: maximum power and flexibility ($49/user/month)

Accelerate Inside Sales for Future Growth

The future of sales is trending decidedly toward inside sales for some of the reasons stated in this article. Gearing up your CRM and phone systems towards facilitating inside sales is wise decision for optimal growth and productivity. The combination of increased sales, savings from a decreased field force, and better overall CRM ability: makes inside sales a preferable method for modern businesses.

Closing sales is the main objective for a company’s viability and future growth. With TenFold’s comprehensive CTI and consulting service, companies can gain the technological tools needed to facilitate inside sales – as well as experienced industry knowledge in how to effectively use these tools. The lists of clients already using our services include large companies like Adidas, Holiday Inn, and WP Engine.

Organize your overall CRM and integrate advanced CTI solutions to better serve your customers and accelerate inside sales. TenFold’s team of experienced designers and consultants have created products specifically meant for businesses like yours. Considering the great benefit this will give in accelerating inside sales, our affordable prices are too good to pass up. Please contact us to learn more about how TenFold can increase inside sales for your business.


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