These days, it’s hard to operate a high-quality call center without CTI. However, you may have noticed that your calls are simply not bringing in the kind of business you want or need to succeed. That’s because you haven’t maximized your CTI efficiency.

Successful CTI management isn’t as simple as just setting up the software and hardware and letting it run rampant. You need to carefully focus its operation in order to get the most of it.

Choosing the Best Connection Type

There are two different CTI connection types: first-party call control and third-party call control. Although they operate in a somewhat similar manner, each has its own unique advantages. Carefully weigh your options before choosing.

First-party call control utilizes a direct connection between the user’s computer and the phone set. These connection types are useful in call-centers that utilize human callers, such as survey centers or customer service groups.

The advantage of this system is obvious: it gives individual human callers the ability to choose potential customers and lead them through the purchasing process in a more personalized manner.

Third-party control centers utilize a dedicated server to select telephone numbers for the caller. They also choose which information to display to the caller. These centers are often fully automated and are useful for contacting a wider range of customers as quickly as possible.

Focusing Your Options

There are a variety of CTI options that may or may not be useful for your specific business. Try to choose options that will increase your call effectiveness and disable any that are simply extraneous. CTI options include:

  • Automatic and computer-controlled dialing
  • Phone control options
  • Call transfers
  • Caller authentication
  • Voice recognition
  • Interactive voice response
  • Fax capabilities
  • Record matching between customer and caller
  • Number tracking and editing

Choosing between these options isn’t as hard as it may seem. For example, very few individual human callers will need to receive faxes from customers. And few will need voice recognition or interactive voice response.

However, options such as number tracking and customer record matching are incredibly useful for human callers. It can help them keep track of a customer’s past interactions and whether or not they’ve been positive or negative.

If you run an automated center, voice recognition and interactive voice response will be absolutely essential, as will automatic and computer-controlled dialing. Human-centric options will be essentially useless.

Focusing Call List

The hardest aspects of CTI efficiency is knowing exactly who to call. There are millions of people in the country and anyone of them may be interested in your service.

However, there are multiple variables to consider before choosing numbers. These variables include:

  • Location. If your business offers a city, county, or state specific service, it makes little sense to call someone outside of your service range. However, if you offer products that can be shipped across the country, it’s worth reaching out to customers further away.
  • Service history. Focus on people who are most likely to utilize your service, either currently or in the past. For example, if you are selling insurance to elderly and retired people, it makes little sense to call 20-40 year-old customers.
  • Income level. Your service may not be financial advantageous for a wide-range of potential customers. For example, a single mother of three working a minimum wage job may not have the disposable income necessary to hire a financial adviser.

Focusing your calling list in this way can help you contact people who are more likely to be interested in utilizing your service. It’ll save you time and increase your success rate.

Follow these CTI guidelines, and your call success will improve almost immediately. If you’re interested in more in-depth CTI tips and strategies, contact us as soon as possible. We can help you streamline your business, capture your customers’ imagination, and increase your profits.


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