CRM Phone Integration: A Tool to Build Relationships Get to know your prospects and customers.

If your business touts that it is “customer oriented,” does your consumer calling protocol back up the claim? It does if you use CRM phone integration. Many companies want to manage their customers’ calls and use them to develop relationships that lead to return visits, but an old-fashioned call system is just too time-consuming and involved to really be effective. Call-backs are forgotten, follow-ups never occur and, if that consumer does call back, he is treated as a new contact because there is no record of his preferences.

When a customer calls your business, it is because he wants information. You need information as well. You need to know what aspect of your product or service interests him so that you can direct a follow-up call to the right personnel. You should note the best time of day to return the call, and the best number to dial. Then there are the little things that help you personalize the contact. For instance, perhaps the customer knew about your product because his cousin referred him. If you are logging all this data by hand, you probably won’t have time to enter that last bit of important information, but that is just the type of thing that elevates your interaction with the customer to a relationship level.

Our caller integration systems are business tools that work with your current CRM to build customer relations. That incoming call is automatically logged and tagged for the right contact. You can add your notes to the information too. The system shows the last action with the customer so that the data is always up-to-date and relevant.

When the customer calls back, the “magic” begins. Before you answer the phone, the customer information pops up. You know who is calling and who spoke with them last. Your note that he is a golf devotee and can’t be contacted on Tuesdays because of league play lets you personalize the connection and make the customer feel valued. You are building a relationship that not only will lead to return visits, but will make the customer a business “evangelist” who recommends your company to his friends.

The system attaches other information to the customer file as well. Along with inbound and outbound calls, it includes emails from and to the client. Never again will you interrupt a customer to say, “Excuse me, but can you refresh my memory about that?”  If you need to make certain another team member knows about the contact you can type in a simple “@” adding the employee’s name and an email will be sent to him with the call record. There is even a feature that reminds you to follow up on a certain day or time.

The consumer phone contact number is logged as a “click-to-dial,” saving you precious minutes looking up the number and dialing manually. The system saves you time in call analytics as well. It compiles the data about your company calls including how many leads you reached. In addition, you can track employee performance like who made the most calls, who made the most notes about contacts, even who made the most calls from mobile devices. The data comes as charts and easily understood graphics.

To help you see how our integration tool can help you be more productive, we offer a free two-week trial. That means you can try the system without committing your resources to it until you are certain. The system may not be for everyone. Some business owners won’t want to develop relationships with customers. They believe their product alone will guarantee repeat visits. Most business people, however,  understand the increased competitive atmosphere of industry today and are eager to get an edge by increasing consumer satisfaction.

If you are one of those, contact us and we can get you started building  customer relationships that will build your business.


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Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

Dan is a Co-Founder of Tenfold and currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer. Dan oversees the Tenfold sales organization, manages strategic partner relationships and works with key enterprise accounts to ensure their success with the Tenfold platform.

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