CRM Phone Integration: New Models in Efficiency CRM integrations is the future.

Service-driven and private operations, as well as non-profits have access to a cache of customer data that can increase their customer satisfaction and marketing strategies. This information can increase sales and brand power. Looking for better customer loyalty programs? What about better business contacts tracking? CRM phone integration systems are able to accomplish this and much more through acquisition and cataloging of contact data. Some 86 percent of an average organization’s contact data is inaccurate in some way, resulting in loss of revenue overall. Use of old-fashioned phone systems are not only ineffective at handling call volumes, but too time consuming for businesses experiencing rapid growth. The key to enterprise transformation in CRM is technology. Comprehensive and customer-centered approaches are enhanced through Tenfold software.

The days of manually entering caller information into your CRM is over as more data and growing populations require businesses to specialize their data acquisition approach. Members of a corporation at an executive and management level do not have the time to cross-check different CRM systems to track sales leads. Improved CRM integration tools decrease the time needed to access sales leads by making information available in one place. This data is needed across sales teams to keep track of performance and sales. This is especially important to small businesses, where sales strategies are in their infancy and these companies have a few years before massive amounts of leads are acquired. These then must then be tracked through an organized system which will not deter growth as it happens.

CRM, or customer relationship management software allows management  across many aspects of customer relations. This includes small customer touch points including customer service departments, marketing, and sales. Creation of one accessible customer profile is invaluable for any enterprise seeking to improve product development and marketing campaigns via customer data. The elimination of information silos opens up avenues for better CRM strategies. Companies are constantly evolving in reaction to the needs of newly acquired data and what better way to track this than through an integrated phone system? Having a centralized place for this data is imperative to organization of this data, which facilitate the focus on the customer that distinguishes Customer Relationship Management applications from all other enterprise software. This software can be used by small and large businesses. Large businesses can use CRM to increase the number of valuable leads through this software.

Managing your CRM in real time is valuable for start-ups. Customer-centric business models must cater to the individual without risking operational efficiency, so the correct decisions regarding CRM tools are important. These projects require measurable and specific goals that take a variety of metrics into consideration. Even larger corporations need a quality assessment of their CRM. Tenfold optimizes CRM through the same tactics traditionally used in call centers. At Tenfold, we take advantage of SugarCRM and Asterisk programs, integrating CRM and phone system software that is fully operational within browsers. It doesn’t require a complex IT set-up and possesses an intuitive UI. Reduction of IT costs allow focus on operational efficiency of core operations.

Automatic call logging and analysis capitalize on data through appropriate re-distributing and filtering of information across multiple destinations. Businesses looking for an app targeting compliance and engagement through a CRM platform need look no further because Tenfold constantly strives to offer better aspects of CRM service. We offer desktop integrations for desk phone sets that post notifications to a third party or soft phones for companies which do not have a phone which is capable of integration. Looking for better CRM phone integration tools? Contact us today for more information regarding your business needs.


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Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

Dan is a Co-Founder of Tenfold and currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer. Dan oversees the Tenfold sales organization, manages strategic partner relationships and works with key enterprise accounts to ensure their success with the Tenfold platform.

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