Creating More Personalized Relationships with Callers in Your Call Center Personalize your interactions.

Your call center probably deals with hundreds of callers every day either for inbound or outbound calls. No matter your sales approach, the era of dealing with customers in a robotic way is quickly coming to an end thanks to better sales philosophies and improved technology. In the former case, most companies want to have more personalized relationships with their customers for targeted customer service. In the latter case of technology, you have better ways to store and use data so it doesn’t involve having to search for customer information.

It’s rare to find all of this in a software that’s integrated into a CRM program. Here at Tenfold, Inc., we’ve developed a way where you can finally bring more personalized relationships with your customers without causing technology confusion.

With efficient ways to study analytics and detailed information about customers, your call center works on a different level. You can finally do away with the days when your call center employees had to ask superiors or call other departments to find out information on a particular pending sale.

Now they can not only access information on employees, they can easily create new information so other callers know about what took place.

Let’s see what you can do now to improve your call center and finally create more personal contacts with customers so they become like good friends rather than just another number.

Easier Contacts and Leads

When your call center focuses strictly on sales, each caller needs to keep up on information about contact and leads. In the older days of call centers, it’s hard to imagine sales calls sometimes involved writing on a piece of paper. Files like that obviously became a hassle due to papers easily getting misplaced or completely lost.

Creating a contact or lead with our Tenfold software is extremely simple with name and phone number. You can also leave other information at the bottom of the box so when a customer calls you back, you’ll know immediately who it is and what you (or another call center employee) talked about.

More Efficient Call History

Your call center needs to keep track of who called who, when the call occurred, and which calls you missed. While contact information provides some great details, your software has thorough call history records so you can easily know what’s going on.

When you need to follow up on leads, you’ll see which calls you didn’t pick up within the last few days. All queued calls have easy-to-read information so you don’t have confusion on which calls were direct. Plus, you save time having easy integration with your CRM software for an easy one-click contact method.

Keeping Notes About Sales Details

As noted above, you can keep notes in all of your contact boxes. However, you have plenty of room to include more details if necessary. Most sales calls aren’t always cut and dry, which means you may need more notes about follow-ups, or added information related to the customer.

Another problem is a different caller talking to a prior lead and not knowing any prior information said in the last call. With the notes feature, all callers see what transpired so information is immediate. Customers appreciate this because it proves you’re on your toes and take the time to gather details.

More Helpful Analytic Data

Perhaps you’ve used the analytics page frequently on your old phone system and realized it’s not quite as comprehensive as you’d want. Your Tenfold software works in tandem with your CRM software so all analytic data is extremely detailed and thorough. We make this easier through simple graphs, plus information that goes into more elaboration on your leads.

Having better analytics is imperative to how you approach customers and create relationships with them. Much of this can help in targeted call marketing as well so you tap into subject matter your customers respond to.

Contact us here at Tenfold, Inc. to find out more about our software and the comprehensive features available to revitalize your call center approach.


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Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

Dan is a Co-Founder of Tenfold and currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer. Dan oversees the Tenfold sales organization, manages strategic partner relationships and works with key enterprise accounts to ensure their success with the Tenfold platform.

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