3 Must-Have Call Center Software Features Dial for dollars

Your customers’ experiences can make or break your company’s reputation, and your call center software is often their first point of contact with you. When a customer’s call center experience is positive, she’s likely to tell her friends about it. And the reverse is also true. In fact, as Colin Shaw reported over at LinkedIn, a dissatisfied customer will tell between nine and 15 people about this negative experience.  

Like it or not, your call center software is as much a reflection of your brand as your product or service. And the quality and type you use can win you customers or a bad name. Inefficient or poorly designed call center software causes over one in four customers to be shuffled from agent to agent without a resolution of their issue, according to American Express’s 2012 Global Customer Service Barometer.

Choosing the best call center software can be a daunting task. Here are three features that optimize your end user’s call experience, which improves the health of your bottom line no matter what your business. Keep these in mind while searching for a call center software solution.

Advanced call queue options

Your customers don’t like waiting any more than you do. A call center software solution that has advanced call queues will improve your callers’ waiting experiences as well as help you field calls based on their value. Features such as queue callback allows any caller waiting in the queue to request a callback, and pre-defined queue wait limits ensure that customers are connected with an agent or sent to voicemail after waiting for a specified amount of time (before they get frustrated and hang up). These features can dramatically reduce caller abandonment, and if you don’t have them, you’re likely losing customers to your competition.

Instant messaging

A call center software that features instant messaging allows agents to live chat with other agents or managers if they hit a snag while on a call, eliminating the inconvenience of putting the caller on hold. The key to satisfied customers is a proficient sales team, so look for a call center software that includes this feature to help your agents. Many companies are also using instant messaging and live chat to communicate with customers, in addition to phone calls, which allows customers to choose the channel they prefer. A third party such as snapengage.com makes this easy.

Whisper coaching

“Whisper coaching” is direct, real-time feedback that a manager gives to an agent without the customer hearing, and advanced call conferencing makes it possible. The benefits of whisper coaching can’t be understated; it helps agents become more proficient at their jobs in real time calls, allows agents and managers to come together for a more streamlined customer interaction (reducing call transfers), and prevents customer dissatisfaction due to having to repeat information to multiple agents.

Inarguably, poor quality customer service is a main reason for customer loss. Choose a call center software that offers these features for a more positive customer experience.


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