Bringing More Clarity to Your Call Center: From Pop-Ups to Analytics Boost your center's performance

Every call center in a company that handles customer sales needs the best organization to prevent mistakes. As the business stakes grow higher in being able to sell and stay competitive, much of this creates pressure on your phone center agents. If they don’t have the proper tools to get this done, it can lead to in-house confusion and even severe downtime.

Examples of this include not really knowing anything about callers when they call in, or vice versa. Without proper information readily available, a caller may demand certain data that requires an agent to leave the line to find.

The same goes for information about what occurred during a prior phone call. If a different agent answers and has no knowledge of this sale lead, it can lead to a quick dead-end.

This goes for nurturing leads as well and keeping in constant contact for customer relationships. Without proper contact methods and lists, it can lead to loyal customers being ignored.

With proper call center software that integrates well with your CRM, many of these problems can finally get solved.

The Use of Pop-Ups

While we still think of pop-ups as being obtrusive online, they’re very useful when used in the right context. As call software, it can give instant information to a call agent about inbound and outbound calls without having to look up data elsewhere.

This can occur by integrating emails into your existing CRM system. If your agents have brewing leads through email, emails can pop up instantly during calls to show what the last conversation was. Doing this can give a basic idea about things written to a customer, especially if a different call agent handled the call earlier.

It’s essential to have notes as well without having to rely on old notepads. With pop-up notes, agents can see more detail about things discussed with leads, including information not found in a simple email. Employees handling calls can talk to a customer as if they already know them, which enhances customer service.

Tasks During and After Calls

Real-time communication is important not only with customers, but also with other employees. Having an @mention feature can help agents leave instant messages to another employee about a call. All call notes need sending there so other employees instantly know who called and which agent talked to the particular lead.

Follow-up notices are just as essential, and having quicker ways to do this enables reminders without having to use other protracted methods.

By using better indicators on your software, the agent knows the above tasks are going to occur once the call finishes. This prevents a call agent from forgetting to do a task due to a sudden distraction.

Taking Analytics More Seriously

It seems analytics don’t always get used enough, and they’re the leading source to learn more things about customers. Easy-to-read graphs give details on each agent’s call data so there isn’t any disorganization. Call history isn’t always well-organized enough on many CRM tools, and it’s vital to have more refined history to relay during live phone conversations.

Don’t discount gamification either since it’s a way for your employees to learn about their own call performance without going through extensive training. Using this analytic method also gives them something engaging to do in-between calls where it works as entertainment and goal-setting all in one.

Here at Tenfold, Inc., we’ve designed a call software that easily integrates with your existing CRM while giving you the tools listed above.

Contact us to learn more about each feature and how you can finally give more clarity to your call center employees.


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Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

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