Best Practices for Choosing A CRM-Phone System Integration Provider

CRM integration with phones in a call center setting makes the job of agents simpler. In effect, the customer experience improves. CTI technology improves the way call centers work. Wait times are reduced, problems are resolved faster, and the customer experience is improved overall. Simply put, CRM integrations with phones enable call centers to provide great service to its customers.

That said, call centers stigma is still a real thing. This negative perception toward contact centers still lingers in many customers’ minds. To reverse this impression, call centers need to train the best reps and use the best software stack, especially CTI software.

If you’re in the market for a new CRM telephony system CTI integration or are looking to make a switch, here are some tips:

Know your needs

Consider your center size and business needs when shopping for a solution. Talk to your team, survey your customers, and review your process, all with the intention of identifying your strengths and weaknesses. From there, decide on which features best suit your operations.

Choose a solution that would immediately serve your business, support its growth, and would easily scale as you progress. Free trials are a great way to benchmark different providers.

Put an emphasis on winning

Think like a customer and ensure that you’re looking for a solution that will enable your success. Put yourself in the shoes of your clients and make sure you probe each potential provider with the same level of detail your customers require from you. As you call providers of CRM integrations with phones, you need to set your eyes on those who can respond to your every inquiry, and those that know the business you work in.

Review after-sales support 

A lot of companies are very good at selling you in on their product but provide awful after-sales support. When running a call center, the importance of ensuring your software works 24/7 cannot be overstated. Ask about their support offerings. Explore the possibility of getting a custom package for you, especially if your center has many seats. A dedicated account manager should be your best bet in getting the best support.

Look for training resources

Any CRM Telephony System CTI Integration will be useless if your reps won’t use it in the best way. Your team will need assistance as they adjust to using this new solution. If the vendor doesn’t include onboarding videos, training sessions, and other self-service tools, your teams likely won’t get the most out of the product.

Be involved in the implementation

The transition from a separate CRM and phone system to using CTI, or from one CTI provider to another, is always a rough road. It’s a major change, one that needs to be given great attention. Managers and even top-level management must own the implementation process and monitor for any issues that might arise from the adjustment period.

Sorting through your choices and making the right call rely on putting great attention into the process of shopping for a vendor. CTI solutions affect your operations in a major way, so you need to be sure that you’re choosing a provider that would be able to support your organization in the way that works best for you.


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