The Best CTI Software Solutions for Your Company

The Best CTI Software Solutions for Your Company

The Best CTI Software Solutions for Your Company Which CTI software makes your operations better?

You already know that computer telephony integration (CTI) is a must-have for your call center. But how do you choose the best CTI software solutions for your company’s needs?

Capterra is a website that helps business owners research software solutions in over 300 categories. CTI happens to be one of those categories. Here are five of the best CTI software solutions based on starred reviews on Capterra.


Clearly, this is our favorite! It takes just minutes to get Tenfold up and running on your existing phone system. Businesses love how seamlessly it integrates with Insightly, Salesforce, Infusionsoft, Asterisk, and more. Affordable pricing tiers make Tenfold one of the best CTI software solutions for many different companies.


Jive is scalable to match any business, large or small. It’s great for small budgets, as there’s no unwelcome price bumps for added features. It’s easy to customize, too – users can make changes to the CTI interface on any computer.

Ring Central

Ring Central is a highly customizable CTI solution, starting with a team of 2 and scaling up to a corporation of over 1,000 employees. Using cloud infrastructure, Ring Central boasts an easy setup and management process. It’s also easy to integrate into other applications like Dropbox, Google Drive, and over 50 other collaboration apps.


Five9 boasts that its CTI software can make your call center up to 300% more productive. Smart dialers are efficient call routers that ensure more phone time between prospects and the agents who can best help them.

Fathom Voice

The Fathom Voice phone system with features like HD Voice, caller ID, and an auto attendant to greet every caller. The trial period is a no brainer – not only can you sign up without a credit card, but you can also customize it fully. With Fathom Voice, you know what you’re getting into starting Day One.

It’s not a question of whether Computer Telephony Integration is right for your company. You want to find the best CTI software solutions for your company. Come take a tour of Tenfold and see why is it the solution for your company.

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