Should Avaya Salesforce CTI Integration Be in Your Call Center Toolbox?

The best call centers are raking in results from using computer-telephony integration (CTI).

CTI, in a nutshell, allows the computer to control the telephone–basically your CRM and phone system communicating with each other.

Aside from the basic function of the integration that allows reps to call from their computers without even touching the handset, good CTIs give your reps a stack of tools and features that make them better at their job. From on-screen pop-ups that show lead/customer information and context to automated lead distribution, CTIs are more than just an integration–they enable call centers to get the most returns from their time and efforts. If your call center runs Salesforce, undeniably the world’s #1 CRM today, it’s definitely time to integrate and get the full benefits of CTI.

And if you’re still on the fence on whether something like the Avaya and Salesforce CTI Integration can really help your organization, check out these reasons.

Make warmer calls by calling with context

Whether it’s an inbound call or a dial out, an agent can swiftly go over detailed conversation history and lead information with the help of on-screen pop-ups that come with CTI. From the name, contact number, email address, and company information, these details will help you agents personalize their interaction with the lead, customer, or prospect. This opens the door for a more engaging conversation, making the person at the other end of the line feel valuable.

Another perk of having this information readily available right at the moment the call connects is that reps are saving time they’d otherwise be using fumbling with notes or going in circles trying to start a call like it’s the second intro. Call handling time goes down, center productivity goes up.

Robust call data dashboard

CTI allows organizations to be on top of all call-related data that is generated by their agents. If it happened, it will be recorded. For example, a center using Avaya integration with Salesforce will have access to call history, back-and-forth conversation notes and email copies, support tickets, cases recorded, and even tagged call recordings.

All this information is accessible in a single dashboard. This allows reps and managers to pinpoint areas of strength and improvement. Even top-level management can use the dashboard to see how the reps are carrying out the company plan on the ground level. This data is important and vital to the growth of any company. Knowing what’s happening in concrete terms allows stakeholders to make informed decisions and pull insights straight from what’s happening on the floor.

Better customer experience

It may seem like a simple detail but just the fact that leads and customers won’t need to repeat their information within the call and each time does a lot in reducing friction during calls.

It’s a great upside for the customer–something they will notice as this poor practice is one that’s still prevalent in many industries with lots of phone-based activities. Straightforward calls are generally more pleasant than complex, robotic verification of information. The ease of access to information from the Avaya and Salesforce CTI integration makes the experience better for the rep and the customers alike.

Avaya integration with Salesforce and other CTIs help sales floors, customer service teams, and other phone-based professionals get an edge over their competition by putting them in the position to succeed. This is through robust and accurate data, more efficient daily processes, and increased productivity. The benefits of making CTI part of your call center’s sales stack cannot be emphasized enough.


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Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

Dan is a Co-Founder of Tenfold and currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer. Dan oversees the Tenfold sales organization, manages strategic partner relationships and works with key enterprise accounts to ensure their success with the Tenfold platform.

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