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What is CTI?

CTI is often talked about in its shortened form, but the acronym stands for “computer telephony integration”. While there are a number of different CTI implementations with a variety of features, they all have the ability to turn your computer into a telephone call management system. Put more simply, using a CTI tool can turn your computer into a phone, among other things. These systems allow you to click on any phone number, and dial it directly from your browser. This process has revolutionized how businesses approach cold calling, sales outreach, and a number of other day-to-day operations.

How can a CTI system help me?

A CTI system may not sound like anything more than an expedited calling service, but that just scratches the surface of its full scope. A CTI service can,

  • -Connect your phone system to your CRM service (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, etc.)
  • -Automatically log any inbound and outbound calls or emails
  • -Allow you to respond to incoming leads within seconds
  • -Create detailed notes about individual phone calls, which are automatically logged to your CRM
  • -Give you a “local presence (link to this blog)” when calling prospects

If you spend anytime on the phone during your work day, a CTI system can dramatically increase your productivity, and eliminate the unnecessary and time consuming tasks of manually entering information into your CRM.

What makes Tenfold's system different?

Unlike a number of competitors, Tenfold gives you the ability to leverage your existing phone system, and we don’t act as a middle man. We don’t charge you a single penny on any calls, incoming or outgoing, domestic or international. Our goal is to streamline your business processes, not create any additional hassle. We’d love to become a part of your company’s growth, and would be thrilled to offer you a demo of the next generation in sales automation.


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