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Powering the future of Customer Engagement

Tenfold helps companies seamlessly integrate dozens of communication platforms with Microsoft Dynamics and Dynamics 365 to increase productivity, improve employee and customer experience and ensure 100% of customer conversations are captured.


Empower the Integration Hub for Dynamics 365

Today companies expect seamless & connected experiences for employees and customers across channels that combine the power of communication technologies with the intelligence, insights and workflow of business applications. Tenfold powers the Integration hub helping global enterprises seamlessly connect more communication platforms with Dynamics and Dynamics 365 than any other CTI provider.

Integrate Voice Natively within Dynamics

Tenfold's integration with Microsoft Dynamics allows joint customers to fully integrate leading voice providers into Dynamics 365 web interface for sales, customer service and omni-channel, as well as within Unified Service Desk (USD) taking advantage of the latest capabilities from Microsoft's Channel Integration Framework (CIF) v1 and v2.

Tenfold is the world leader in Advanced CTI

Embedded Call Controls in Microsoft Dynamics to truly unify the desktop for your sales & service reps

Automatically capture 100% of customer calls in Dynamics without relying on manual data entry

Simplify your sales & service teams workflow reducing clicks, screens & searches by up to 50% or more 

Capture notes, next steps, call dispositions, related cases, opportunities & more from a single streamlined UI

Present relevant customer context at the moment of interaction for your sales & service teams on every call

Capture call recordings right in Dynamics tasks for easy access & connectivity with Microsoft Call Intelligence


"We have used Tenfold for a number of years in several different locations with different phone systems in each and we have managed to find a solution that not just works but a vendor that we now consider a partner."

- Kevin Flynn, Global Telecom Service Lead, Trend Micro 

How Customers Measure Value

Increase Productivity

Improve Customer Experience

Better Customer Data

Sales and Service teams using Tenfold see a productivity lift of 15-20% or more, while also improving the quality of your customer conversations.

Give your team a 360 degree view of your customers at the point of interaction to deliver exceptional customer experiences every time!

Tenfold clients have seen up to a 7x increase in customer call data captured in their CRM providing better insights and helping them operationalize AI

Accelerate your digital transformation today

Reach out to Tenfold below to set up a demo or learn more about integrating your customer conversations with Dynamics today to empower your sales & service teams with the information and insights they need to take your customer engagement to the next level.

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