25 Salesforce Leaders to follow on Twitter and LinkedIn

Getting advice is no small task. Too often people look for help on a project in the wrong places, and wind up being led down a road to failure. Regardless of what your question is, or what topic your issue concerns, it’s vital that you ask the right people or the right groups, otherwise you could run with an idea that doesn’t actually accomplish anything.

This is a common occurrence regarding Salesforce. With millions of people using the cloud computing software, there are “experts” in every office. Tom from accounting knows “the secrets” behind getting Salesforce to work for you, and Josie has all the “hacks” that give the software extra capabilities that nobody else knows about.

While such people exist in companies throughout the world, they’re certainly not experts. They can likely help you find where that piece of information went when you can’t find it, but in reality, Tom and Josie are as close to Salesforce experts as I am to being a consultant for SpaceX.

In order to ensure you’re getting information from the right people, here are 25 experts you can follow on Twitter and LinkedIn:

Marc Benioff (@Benioff)

This should come as no surprise considering that Marc Benioff is the CEO of Salesforce. While his timeline is currently full of Dreamforce related content, you can always find helpful articles about Salesforce, and up-to-the-minute updates on new partnerships, and new products being offered by his company. Following Benioff will also make one thing abundantly clear, he doesn’t just care about big companies. It would be hard to fault someone in his position for only interacting with those who boast impressive follower counts or those who have large stakes in Salesforce, but for Benioff that’s not the case.

Natalia Burina (@Nale

Natalia Burina is the director of product management at Salesforce, and while she’s only been in her current role for the past 10 months, her LinkedIn profile has an impressive listing; she helped work on Einstein. Her timeline is often full of content related to machine learning and artificial intelligence, and with her role as a product manager for Salesforce, she’s undoubtedly an expert that deserves your attention.

Brent Leary (@BrentLeary)

While Brent Leary doesn’t work for Salesforce, he’s one of the recognized authorities on the service. Like many people on this list, Leary’s recent timeline is full of Dreamforce content, but if you scroll past those tweets, you’ll find that he frequently posts new articles about CRM, developments with salesforce, and live tweets events that he attends. Leary also publishes original material, as evidenced by his article, “Salesforce EVP of the IoT Cloud Adam Bosworth on their Partner/Customer Relationship with Microsoft.”

Charlie Isaacs (@CharlieIsaacs)

Speaking of IoT (Internet of Things), we have Charlie Isaacs, Salesforce’s CTO for Customer Connection. He’s worked at Salesforce in one capacity or another since April of 2012, and is currently “responsible for connecting with Salesforce customers, helping companies connect with their customers, and helping customers connect their products and services to consumers and businesses.”

Ben McCarthy (@SalesforceBen)

Ben McCarthy, while not an employee for Salesforce, he does work for one of their certified partners, Empaua. McCarthy is a Salesforce MVP, and is the managing director at Empaua. On his personal website, you can find guides, tutorials, and a number of high quality articles about Salesforce. McCarthy is a treasure trove of fantastic information, and if you’re not already, make sure to give him a follow on Twitter.

Dan Darcy (@DanDarcy)

Dan Darcy is currently the Senior Vice President of Productivity at Salesforce. He’s “responsible for working with the product organization to develop priorities and the product positioning and competency strategy for the distribution organization, customers, and partners.” Darcy also manages the New Product Introduction processes in order to make sure that all upcoming product releases have a clear cut plan in place to guarantee a smooth transition for their customers and partners.

Peter Coffee (@PeterCoffee)

For the past nine years, Pete Coffee been with Salesforce in some capacity, and is currently the VP for Strategic Research. “Peter works with app developers and CIOs to build a global community of innovation, service and success. Having been with the company for nine years, Peter has a lot of expertise to offer his followers.”

Jeremy Waite (@jeremywaite)

Jeremy Waite works for IBM, but for over two years, he was Salesforce’s head of digital strategy. Waite published a book in 2015 titled, “From Survival to Significance” and is now writing a book called “UBERNOMICS” which will take a deep look into the economics of Uber. His social media feed doesn’t have a singular purpose, but Waite is frequently talking about data science, marketing, advertising, social media, business, and of course, Salesforce.”

Trish Bertuzzi (@BridgeGroupInc)

Trish Bertuzzi is the President & Chief Strategist at The Bridge Group, where they “work with technology companies to build, evolve or validate their inside sales strategies.” She was a presenter at Dreamforce this year, and is a premier sales influencer on social media sites. Bertuzzi wrote the highly popular book, “The Sales Development Playbook“, and can often be found talking about SDR’s on Twitter, as well as topics related to Salesforce.

Mike Gerholdt (@MikeGerholdt

Mike Gerholdt is a senior manager, admin evangelist at Salesforce, and co-host of the ButtonClick Admin Podcast. Gerholdt has presented at Dreamforce multiple times, and is always talking about Salesforce; whether it be on his Twitter profile, or on his podcast.

Rebecca Dente (@sfdc_nerd)

Rebecca Dente doesn’t work for Salesforce, but she’s undoubtedly an expert when it comes to their service. “With over ten years working in cloud, Rebecca is one of the top Salesforce practitioners. Named to the inaugural class of Salesforce MVPs, she is also a frequent featured speaker at Dreamforce.” Dente’s feed is full of topics surrounding Salesforce, as well as her time spent with the aforementioned Bertuzzi.

Megan Kierstead (@megkierstead)

Megan Kierstead is a senior user researcher at Salesforce, and currently leads their research for the Industry group. Kierstead spoke at Dreamforce this year concerning “how Virtual Reality (VR) is being used at Salesforce to increase empathy and understanding of our customers in highly scalable ways.”

Amanda Berkey (@amandaberkey

Amanda Berkey has been with Salesforce since Mid-2011, and during her time there, she’s been a manager of user communities, and her present role, as a manager of marketing cloud campaigns. Just recently she hosted a webinar that was open to the public that talked about how Salesforce promotes equal rights.

Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar)

Vala Afshar is one of the premier Salesforce experts, as he’s their Chief Digital Evangelist, and has ample knowledge of their product. Afshar frequently contributes to Huffington Post, where he recently posted an article about how artificial intelligence will power the next generation of the customer experience.

Adam Blitzer (@AdamBlitzer)

Adam Blitzer is the co-founder of Pardot, “the official B2B marketing branch of Salesforce” and the EVP & GM of Sales Cloud at Salesforce. Blitzer, along with Mike Clayville, Pete Griffin, William Moxley, and Sara Varni, presented at Dreamforce this year, and spoke on how the Salesforce technologies and best practices can help anyone “maintain [their] sales edge.”

Stephen Cummins (@Stephen_Cummins)

Stephen Cummins is CEO of AppSelekt, an agency that makes it easy for people to select the right business apps. It matches a deep understanding of buyer requirements to ranked app and vendor attributes. Software vendors that thrive will be those that focus on efficiently understanding the reasons why a person or a company would want to do business with them. Understanding as a Service (UaaS) is the next frontier beyond App Rankings. Cummins owns and runs the fastest growing LinkedIn SaaS group in the world, “Salesforce.com”. His career in Salesforce spanned a decade and he worked in 6 languages across training, implementation, customer success, pre-sales engineering and sales during that time

Don Robins & Gaurav Kheterpal (@donrobins & @gauravkheterpal

Don Robins and Gaurav Kheterpal are the administrators of the LinkedIn group “Salesforce developers/contractors.” In this forum, they “promote knowledge sharing, information and community collaboration among Force.com developers worldwide.” Both Robins and Kheterpal frequently continue their conversations on Twitter, and actively engage with users.

Pratyush Kumar, Abhaya Kumar, & Samantha Stewart (@kpratyush, @abhayit2000, @imsamantha4)

This group helps run “Salesforce Partners and Professionals – Developers | Consultants | Administrators | Architects” which is a forum dedicated to “establish[ing] relationships and partnerships via professional collaboration for Salesforce using companies…and to promote knowledge sharing, information and community collaboration among SGDC developers worldwide.”

Pate Reed, Karen Hennesey, Nina Marinova, & Thomas Vong 

All three of these Salesforce experts help run the “Salesforce Certification Group” which is a dedicated group for “professionals who are interested in earning a Salesforce Certification.” Their group is a great “resource to collaborate with other professionals, crowd-source answers to technical questions, learn about job openings, and get updates about the certification program.”



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