5 Reasons to make the Switch to CRM Phone Integration in 2016 Provide your employees with a large wealth of information

For businesses that rely heavily on phone sales and support, it makes sense to integrate certain business processes with one another to create a more seamless experience for your customers and employees alike. Too often businesses that rely heavily on phone sales will create kinks the supply chain by avoiding integration and ultimately slow down their ability to deliver high-quality experiences to their customers and employees alike.

By integrating your CRM and phone systems, you provide your employees with a large wealth of information and data that otherwise would be hard to track and appropriately utilize when dealing with customers. Here are 5 reasons why your business should make the switch to CRM-phone integration systems in 2016.

A More Professional Experience

There is little that a customer hates more than feeling like their relationship with a business starts from square one each time that they speak with a company. For this reason, it is vitally important that sales reps are able to see the contents and notes from previous conversations when dealing with a new business. By giving your sales reps access to a wide range of information, you will streamline the experience for your own teams and customers alike.

Route Phone Calls to Appropriate Agents

When a customer has been helped by a specific agent in the past, they likely will want to continue their conversations with that agent. Our CRM phone integration systems allow you to ensure that customers are treated to a seamless experience and are able to deal with sales reps that they have already spoken with. While this may not change their experience wholly, it provides them with a level of trust that would otherwise be broken if they felt that they needed to start over with the business each time that they called.

Integrate With Current Systems

One of the best reasons to make the switch to CRM-phone integration si the fact that it will allow you to integrate your current CRM system with your phone system seamlessly. Our software supports a wide range of CRM systems including Insightly, SalesForce, Oracle Sales Cloud and Close.io, among others. This helps you to receive all the benefits of integration without having to worry about whether your current business processes will be negatively affected by making the switch. Data is pulled directly from your current CRM system and accessible by your phone support and sales teams.

Better Understand your Customers, Close More Deals

Perhaps the biggest benefit of high quality CRM and phone integration is that it allows for better communications across all teams within your business. You will know more about your customers based on the notes that have been left by your sales teams and support teams, and be able to tailor your sales messaging to appeal to them directly. This is much more effective than blindly going into each interaction with a customer with a rigid script in hand. It allows you to ensure that you are saying that things that your customer wants to hear, in regards to your product.

Recover Lost Leads

Every business has leads that fall through the cracks occasionally. Maybe they were legitimately interested in your product, but you missed them with your calls and were unable to reach them through email. CRM phone integration will allow you to better keep track of each customer that you speak with, and use that information to keep high quality leads from falling through the cracks. You will speak with more prospects, close more deals and grow your business as a result.

If you would like to learn more about how your business could use CRM phone integration to better handle your leads and tailor your messaging to your customers, please contact us to speak with our sales experts today and schedule your risk-free demo.


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Dan Sincavage

Dan Sincavage

Dan is a Co-Founder of Tenfold and currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer. Dan oversees the Tenfold sales organization, manages strategic partner relationships and works with key enterprise accounts to ensure their success with the Tenfold platform.

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