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Make the most of the seats in your Contact Center

Create effective contact center workflows

In today’s world, just getting a prospect to buy isn’t enough; you need to deliver a differentiated omnichannel experience to keep your customers coming back for more.

Work with a Tenfold Analyst to review your contact center workflows to ensure you are making the most of each seat.

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Improve every customer interaction

At Tenfold, we believe in transforming the way businesses interact with their customers. Our research shows that across all industries, 60% of customer interactions happen over the phone. So then why is it that the typical consumer dreads picking up the phone and dialing a support line? Through no fault of any contact center, getting on the phone has become a last resort.

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Increase productivity of customer facing teams

Our Analysts are happy to be your sounding board —to start, they will review the following KPIs with you. Ultimately, though, they will cater the session to you. We can also work with you to map the customer journey, create internal alignment across customer-facing teams, or anything else that may be on your mind.

Agent Onboarding Period

Service Level

Speed of Answer

Abandonment Rate

Handle Time

After Call Work Time

First Call Resolution

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Testimonial

Craig Murphy, InterContinental Hotels Group

“Wayfair’s sales team handles nearly 10 million calls per year and growing. Business conducted over the phone is a big part of how we do business. We looked at different providers. Part of our decision process was, does it work with the phones and CRM we already have without adding huge overhead. We were able to move faster with Tenfold and get a big win on the board in an area that is the foundation for everything else we needed to improve our sales team.”

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