Tenfold Recognized as 2018 Top Rated Contact Center Software by TrustRadius

The reviewers have spoken, and Tenfold has earned the 2018 Top Rated award for Contact Center Software from TrustRadius.

The TrustRadius Top Rated awards are unique in that they are an unbiased reflection of customer sentiment, based solely on user satisfaction scores. In order to earn a Top Rated badge for Contact Center Software, products must be in the top tier of the category with 10 or more reviews and ratings. Every reviewer is verified and every review is vetted before publication to ensure buyers can make truly informed decisions.

According to positive feedback from authenticated users, Tenfold is living up to their promise of helping companies have better customer conversations. The integration with Salesforce, intuitive user interface and easy implementation process are commonly cited strengths across Tenfold’s 64 Reviews and Ratings.

Read on to see what users had to say.

“Tenfold allows our organization to make more dials daily. Their click to dial feature has allowed our team to increase call volume by 37% which has lead to many more sales. It is easy to use and easy to teach. I would highly recommend this product to any mid size company with a sales team making outbound calls.”

– Chief Training Officer in the Marketing and Advertising Industry | Read the Full Review

“Tenfold allowed us to log calls efficiently and provide task creation right in it’s software. With voicemail drops and magic command words, you can set tasks without having to much trouble. Before it was a 1 minute process to get all this done, with Tenfold you can create a task with proper notes in under 10 seconds.”

– Sales Associate in the Consumer Goods Industry | Read the Full Review

Tenfold call center software

“We use Tenfold for call management and scheduling purposes. We say “if it’s not on Tenfold, it didn’t happen.” It is used throughout our entire department to standardize our process and assure consistency among our workforce. All calls and scheduling start and end with Tenfold. It is essential to our work day.”

– Business Account Manager in the Internet Industry | Read the Full Review

“The sales reps were very friendly and responsive. If I ever had any questions about our account, pricing, etc., the sales team would respond to my e-mails and phone calls within minutes. They even directed my technical questions to their support staff when it was appropriate.”

– Senior Technologist in the Publishing Industry | Read the Full Review

To learn more about Top Rated awards, read this guide on how TrustRadius Top Rated works.


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